Samsung Galaxy J1 4G

Samsung Galaxy J1 4G

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  • kishu

Led indicator is not working so I don't know whether it's in charge or somebody send me msg in Facebook or whatsapp or anyone have idea how to make led indicator on.

  • AnonD-428759

Frndz please say this month of valid price of galaxy j1 4g please i want to buy this mobile

  • fidatu

please please any one help me to buy this phone (samsung galaxy j1 4G) every where have J1 3G please help any one know where is available J1 4G mobile please link me web site

  • Anonymous

ive got mine samsung j1 the camera is nice but when i downloaded the messenger app it hangs.

  • Saddler

I didn't like the old version of this phone, but the new version is awesome and cheap, this by far the best budget 4G smartphone in the world!

  • Ram

Nothing spl feature,, As usual samsung, 4g is the best nothing more.. selfie is 2mp not bad.. Not satisfied..

  • Anonymous

phone is very nice


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  • JC

Vian, 20 Jul 2015Does it have notification led the j13G = H+
too EZ

  • capt_luis

Jack in Thailand, 10 Jun 2015After reading all the negative opinions about the J1,I consulted... moreIm a captain and also army i buy this phone and i caught 21 case within 1 month i have a evidence beciz its cam is so good....

  • Mani

how do I know that my j1 is 4g or 3g, when I turn on mob
ile data it just shows the +h symbol... I live in Dubai and the area is surrounded by 3g & 4g.

  • Vian

Does it have notification led the j1

  • hisham

bad phone when i enter lift and after getting out of lift then trying to call somebody it says no network avaliable

  • AnonD-418627

Aussie, 16 Jul 2015Apps movable on google play.I have Android move to SD and it says that you don't need to move to SD because it's one continuous memory from your phone memory to your SD card.

  • donald

faadii, 12 Jul 2015Hii dears.. my galaxy j1 is having a problem with it's light of... morehi
slide the phone from top to bottom,a display will appear.slide the display screen to the will be fine.or go to settings under display.

  • Aussie

MRK, 29 May 20153 apps only moved to the sd card ! is there any method to move a... moreApps movable on google play.

  • Yury

AnonD-395751, 15 May 2015Too expensive for 768 MB RAM smartphone. Other brands with this ... moreThe specs are good but the ram is low and it is not apl

  • faadii

Hii dears..
my galaxy j1 is having a problem with it's light of button (i.e it is dark all the time) anyone have any solution.? someone plz help me by texting me at thanks

  • Soul

Awful. The quad core processor is a nice addition but that ram is going to bottleneck it. And then there is the resolution from 1996. Wow

  • Anonymous

AnonD-241589, 15 Jun 20154gb internal memory! Which year, you think,sammy, is now?4G