Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace

Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace

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  • Dillon

Hi, just wanna find out, does this phone have a flashing indicator? to tell if u have texts or missed calls? Thanks

  • Anonymous

very nice

  • T phone EXPERT

its a good phone i don't know why everyone keeps saying its bad should buy phone 4 out of 5 star

  • shit

This phone is suck. Very slow...

  • suhail

best phone in this price

  • phone EXPERT

Shibani, 24 Jan 2016Camera is so bluredof course its blurry its only 5 megapixel

  • Anonymous

nice phone

  • kato

I am using Samsung galaxy j1 bt the internal memory is indicating 8g bt am seeing 17.84 n it keep telling me dat I don't be enough face. so I nid help plssssss

  • Arzoo Fatima

When I open Facebook app it hangs. I'm little bit dissapointed. But overall it is good phone in low price.

  • tonmoy


  • AnonD-493683

Cheap android

Irritating to usr and internet is slow.

  • rini


  • AnonD-492918

I had the phone for one day and it locked up 3 times. The phones needs a firmware and software update, it is not reliable. Look elsewhere.

  • Shibani

Camera is so blured

  • Anonymous

fantastic cloud phone!!!

  • cepheus

Dashing, 21 Jan 2016Very very bad phone i suggest you not purchase it because it has... moreYou should read first, the phone works right and has 1gb of ram no less than 500mb not even the j110L wich has 512 mb of ram

  • khutlo

it is so wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aje

superb phn , super camera, superb soung clarity

  • Dashing

Very very bad phone i suggest you not purchase it because it has hanging problem.....
it's ram is less than 500 m...... worst phone i hate this because i recently purchase it but now i'm not satisfy with it...... :(

  • Mara

J1 ACE Is the real shit.Very fast internet browsin using 4G Lte.The display is fantastic.I love it