Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace

Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace

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  • Pars

Its old android 4.4 ! they don't see lollipop or marshmallow ?

  • Moizali

J1 4G and J1Ace, I believe samsung must focus on J2 rather than making same useless sets everyday

  • malaysian

My friend by this phone one week ago
He so sad with this phone
Its often lowbat...
He said to me

  • kotaro

AnonD-441601, 19 Oct 2015Painfully slow and expensive for its specs. I don't recommend i... moreBe honest, do you have this hand set, or not?
Don't be mistaken with granny slow J1 first edition with dual core & 512 ram

  • kotaro

I want it, what do you think guys? Is it good? what about camera clarity?

wtf see the battery more than iph0ne6s

  • Nz Man

Just a cheaper version of the core prime
for an extra 50 nzd you can get the core prime which is by far the best selling phone in my home town cheap decent speed etc

this should be round the $129nzd mark not $199nzd

  • AnonD-441601

With price around 130 Eur isn't worth of buy.
Lenovo A5000 cost approximately same and it is a much much much better phone.

  • Anonymous

This phone costs 150$. Hell nawwww. It still uses KitKat, shit processor, low amount of ram, crap display and doesn't have enough memory. Get lenovo k3 note or xiaomi redmi note 2 for this price. It's a ripoff.

  • AnonD-441601

Painfully slow and expensive for its specs.
I don't recommend it for its price.

  • Anonymous

The RAM can give you a heart attack