Samsung Galaxy J1 mini prime

Samsung Galaxy J1 mini prime

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  • XQf
  • 12 Apr 2021

actually i do admit how resilient samsung phone is and of course as a fanboy, and yes.. i'm still using this J1M with no issues at all... actually i just bought a new battery (of course its 5 years old battery duh).. perfect phone to be used as a Mobile WiFi and secondary social media account

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    • uZa
    • 05 Apr 2021

    Nah name, 29 Mar 2021Ok ive been using this for 3years already, the problem is t... moreYes i am also used for three hour there is no problem my phone

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      • Nah name
      • ibq
      • 29 Mar 2021

      Ok ive been using this for 3years already, the problem is the camera guys its low hd, the sound is good and loud, the battery kinda good i guess not too good not too bad, middle lah middle. u can play this phone with 1 hand exp while eating and playing phone lol. And u can throw it to the air and catch it for fun if u r bored lol (dont, im joking) and its actually not for gaming its lagging while play game maybe good for facebook, instagram something like that lah

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        • Nah name
        • ibq
        • 29 Mar 2021

        GL, 07 Oct 2019It is a good device. But a question: is there mirror sharin... moreNo, but try samsung j7 prime it can connect to tv screen.

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          • 6c1
          • 26 Jan 2021

          The great phone on 2016 ,i buy in 2016 and on 2021 it still alive , but i give to my brother

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            • fh-12
            • 8kN
            • 24 Nov 2020

            A smartphone with weak specifications for 2020, but with at least three great features:
            1) these are Samsung products
            2) firmware Android 6.0.1
            3) you can use this smartphone with one hand.
            Thus, it turns out that this is the last normal smartphone ...

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              • BABI
              • YUU
              • 02 Nov 2020

              johnny apo, 20 Sep 2020Cheap device. Low memory. Poor display (and fragile, althou... moreits very nob iam palyer mobile very nob and lag

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                • ajM
                • 30 Oct 2020

                Jericho, 14 Sep 2020It can't be rooted easily! You need a pc to root it pr... morewhy you need?

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                  • johnny apo
                  • KjC
                  • 20 Sep 2020

                  Cheap device. Low memory. Poor display (and fragile, although still works!). TFT 250K colours. Very small. For the same price, I could get an amoled dev, same brand. Watch the retailer ....

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                    • Jericho
                    • X{Y
                    • 14 Sep 2020

                    Avensis, 13 Apr 2019Pls help me root my j1 mini prime It can't be rooted easily! You need a pc to root it properly, I've tried various options on rooting J1 mini prime but It's basically impossible without a pc.

                      Hi, please do these steps
                      1- settings
                      2- mobile networks
                      3- network mode ( WCDMA/GSM) auto connect
                      If your area in 3G antenna coverage, you will be able to connect this network.

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                        • xtS
                        • 12 Jul 2020

                        The phone is slow, you have to stay close to your WiFi signal if u want a good connection like very close. The storage space is low like 8GB and the battery dies around 80% even when 100, if u take the battery out, it reduces to 60% and there have not been any updates si ce then which is really annoying

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                          • Mamza
                          • r3H
                          • 04 Jul 2020

                          The is phone good, but I can't upgrade to 4G

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                            • bady
                            • tZk
                            • 30 May 2020

                            i bought it 091017,past to my sister and back to me still awesome just battery not awesome..

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                              • Djmedi254
                              • Xxv
                              • 29 May 2020

                              The phone is owesome but battery is feck...Network is good

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                                • Samratsingh
                                • fuZ
                                • 05 May 2020

                                Anonymous, 26 Sep 2019How do i Unlock sim lockBut all in all the phone is really good i like it

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                                  • Samratsingh
                                  • fuZ
                                  • 05 May 2020

                                  Anonymous, 26 Sep 2019How do i Unlock sim lockThis phone is really amazing i appriciate it but its not capable in holding big files thats the big problem to me

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                                    • Arcky
                                    • rvx
                                    • 23 Apr 2020

                                    Joe, 27 Nov 2019There is no LTE band appear in mobile network.Does it suppo... moreThis phone doesn't support 3G or 4G network.
                                    The network is very slow😥

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                                      • Santa
                                      • gwx
                                      • 12 Mar 2020


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                                        • Hkv
                                        • 12 Feb 2020

                                        All though a very good phone with marshmallow works smoother than j1 ace and I am very happy with this phone only I have problem with this phone is battery draining problem the battery drains little bit faster