Samsung Galaxy J2

Samsung Galaxy J2

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  • Anonymous

mine is already damaged its only 5 months but now the battery is not good, and it cant read sim card i dont know what happen,

  • Tch

Good battery using for 2 years

  • Sathish

Yess, 09 Jul 2017My j2 is 1 year and a half years old and it is still running in ... moreCorrect and good performance

  • Mpaswan

Yes otg support

  • Wahab

Did samsung galaxy j2 4g support otg cable

  • Mayur j parmar

Bèto, 05 Aug 2017Good Phone.Very bad phone sony Xperia xa1 ultra new model is very good performance phone

  • Mayur j parmar

VJ, 07 Aug 2017 List of Issues... 1. Data won't work suddenly. (Solution Need... moreYes this is very bad phone sony Xperia xa1 ultra new model is very good

  • Mayur j parmar

Tushar, 26 Jul 2017Yes redmi is better Redmi is not good phone but sony Xperia xa1 ultra new model is very good performance

  • VJ

List of Issues...
1. Data won't work suddenly. (Solution Need to restart)
2. After changing the band (2g,3g or 4g) it won't get signal. (Solution Need to restart)
3. Where other lower end mobiles can get 40 - 50 % of signal. It will take u to emergency mode. (No solution)
4. You need lot of patience to use installed Applications. After opening or selecting the options it will take at least 10 to 15 sec to responds.
5. It's says dual sim option. But while calling you won't get option to select the sim.
6. If u select 2g band also it will show the data as a 4g.
7. With wireless connection also it will buffer the youtube videos

  • anyy

AnonD-565975, 25 Jul 2017Hey guys...I think my J2 has a serious battery problem. Most of ... moreIts very easy bro. go to setting and then applocation and see there which app is running just force stop all running aap.. i recoment to download greenify donation version its awsm to save battery life i hope this will help you. tq.

  • Bèto

Good Phone.

  • kamlesh

average battery , having network issues otherwise good phone in low bugdet.

  • Maah

Aug 1 2017. I have been using memo for at least a month. Strangely, at least 4 times, without warning, without me deleting it, memo has deleted everything i had composed in a particular list. Sometimes it has been up to 50 things which had taken me weeks to jot down. How to recover these lost items? Also how to share to an Apple computer? i am a bit wary of using this app now, though i love being able to have all my jottings in one place where it is easy to add to and delete from. Please respond. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

get switched off itself. why

  • Selef

MS, 26 Jul 2017My j2 switches off automatically by it self especially when it i... moreAnd so does it as it turns out itself

  • MS

My j2 switches off automatically by it self especially when it is in my pocket and i have to remove the battery to turn it on.any body knows a solution for it??plz help!!!

  • Tushar

good friend, 22 Jul 2017redmi 4 ya 4a is best option Yes redmi is better

  • nandy

Am using my J2 my play store wont runni cant download apps it just says you dont have a network connection i have called mtn and they said everything is in order i dont know if its the phone o what?

  • Anonymous

Last update was terrible because I'm unable to type properly on keyboard. It's not like before and i miss many letters while typing

  • AnonD-565975

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2017I'm unable to open my files in my phone! ! Can anyone suggest so... moreYep same for me...I tried to clear data My Files but still nothing works!! I suggest you to factory reset sir