Samsung Galaxy J2

Samsung Galaxy J2

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  • AIM-AceShot

I hope CPU is build by newest 14nm !!!

  • Aye

4.5 not 4.7???

  • maxlou

I hope that Samsung will be reasonable in the delivering less than 120 euros if I look elsewhere

  • Heart Breaker

it will launch in 10k then it will fall dawn as usual. :)

  • Kk

Awesome phone at good price. Please launch early.

  • NJ

J1 flopped coz of low ram n if j2 supports 4g n is priced less than 8k, it may b a hit coz it has got sufficient ram..

  • Anonymous

J1 was a huge flop.

  • Anonymous

another day another samsung phone...not worth to buy samsung phones no update nothing and by 1 year samsung will launch this type of phone with different os...

  • Anonymous

looking good!