Samsung Galaxy J2

Samsung Galaxy J2

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  • Anonymous


  • Nihal

wating for new update marshmallow samsung us too work on new update we cant use the old version of j2 lollypop

  • Poulami

Biswa, 24 Oct 2016never it will update to marsmallowWhy?

  • Poulami

MS, 24 Oct 2016Would you plz tell me when marshmallow update available for J2??Yes even I also want to know the answer of this question

  • MS

Would you plz tell me when marshmallow update available for J2??

  • Biswa

JOEI, 22 Oct 2016When android 6 is available for J2??never it will update to marsmallow

  • Apon

Display colour change with all colour white. Now what do? Pls halp me

  • AnonD-551138

Where to search j2 latest firmware update live any one?

  • faysal

if you are using for movie and pictures then u have to get high memory card, other wise your cell will be hang or stuck, it is a very good cell with economical prices.

  • JOEI

When android 6 is available for J2??

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2016i am using samsung j2, nice performance it is confirtable to han... moreJ200h

  • tarun

hardesh, 13 Oct 2016My phone always shows emergency when signal is weak with BSNL&am... moreSignal reception in Samsung J2 is somewhat less then other mobiles.

  • tarun

ghia, 16 Oct 2016my J2 has the auto power off problem. several times it become sw... moreloose battery or jumper problem. jumper means path break in the circuit near battery of the pcb.

  • tarun

Firoz, 19 Oct 2016My j2 I purchased 8 month before, now which is suddenly became... moremay be u r flashing with wrong firmware or you are selecting as testing mode. remove and insert batery.boot ur phone to recovery mode and reset factory.i think by presing volum down + home buton+ power at a time.

  • ak47

ricky, 11 Oct 2016When is marshmallow coming in j2 can anyone tell??you can not upgrade to marshmelo properliy

you can get your mobile root and upgrade marshmelo properly

  • Mari

This mobile phone serves my needs. Spotify, downloads, email, FB, Twitter, etc. Never fails.

  • AnonD-600341

Zahid, 13 Oct 2016Mobile net is nt working LTE setting nt working This question has been asked and answered many times, if you read Page 1, you will see many answers, although I haven't got mine as yet, I know it will work on 4LTE as has been stated at least once previously.

  • Ms

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2016ya ya i have update to nHow did u update it?coz there is no update via ota.

  • Anonymous

MS, 19 Oct 2016Is andrioid marshmallow confirmed for galaxy j2?ya ya i have update to n

  • Ritesh

ricky, 12 Oct 2016please tell me when marshmallow is coming in j2???Not available....update