Samsung Galaxy J2

Samsung Galaxy J2

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  • sandesh

Hang while software update...l.

  • sifu

Virat , 03 Oct 2017Hai guys plss help me I have one more query, otg connection Avai... moreYes

  • Akash hundre

Ray, 09 Oct 2017The worst experiance with Samsung. I purchased this phone in th... moreit is not good phone it hange moro

  • Anonymous

best budget phone except battery n camera

  • Tenzee

After software update..WiFi is not working. .whenever i try to turn on Wifi phone gets hang..

  • abid

please don't buy this phone
buy j3 instead
gives more good feature

  • Bharat

Really best Phone in Budget
Gameplay is quite good,display is good but unlock effect doesn't exist.

  • AnonD-707929

becarefull j2 old 2016 vs 2017 comprision just j2 2016 better
j2 4g and j2 lte 3g carefully

  • AnonD-707849

Hi ,
Bought Galaxy J 2 (SM - j2000g) in Delhi Airport 2017 .
Emergency number 112 ,how can I disable when screen lock is enabled ?.
Accidentally dailed this number several times in UK !
Google - No information for Galaxy J2
Hope you can help

  • AnonD-707328

AnonD-558194, 09 Oct 2017Sir , which reason j2 is not updated into marshmallow.Who is "Sir"?.... Brother ... you got independence from British some 70 years back. And by the way .. this is just a community of strangers answering to strangers. Equal people.

  • Anonymous

all the users of j2 2015 please listen carefully never buyany samsung android come with 1gb ram you can't get update of new version only buy those samsung phone which come with 1.5gb ram or above if you want to update j2 use custom rom with twrp

  • Ray

The worst experiance with Samsung.
I purchased this phone in the month of March 2016.
In june 2017 i started to feel that the phone's battery is giving low charge.
I went to Samsung care to buy a battery.
But they didn't have that.
I went very few places to buy any kind of battery like orginal or duplicate but unable to find.
First of all Samsung phone quality is worst and the battery is worser which become unusable within 15 months of normal use.
And lastly the Samsung service centre's service is rotten.
I have used nokia, micromax in previous days.
But after checking Samsung I deceided not to buy any Samsung products in future.

  • AnonD-558194

Sir , which reason j2 is not updated into marshmallow.

  • AnonD-706650

arefin, 06 Oct 2017Somedays ago I buy a samsung j2 phone Suddenly a software updat... moreI posted a reply a couple of minutes ago but it may or may not have been sent since I didn't have an account on this site.

Watch this tutorial to hard/factory reset your phone:
Note: All data saved on internal storage will be lost.

You should see the startup screen like when you first used it.
You'll have re-install the update, but this time, make sure your phone is fully charged and/or plugged in.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2017storage problem damn high, battery doesn't last long, takes almo... moreI takes 2 mins to charge 1%. That means in 1 hr it charges 30%. Also battrey drains quickly compared to other phones. M disappointed.

  • Anonymous

is there theme store available in this phone, i prefer theme?

  • GNR

not screen mirroring

  • arefin

Somedays ago I buy a samsung j2 phone
Suddenly a software update came....
At that time my phone have only 17% charges
So I set a schedule at 2:13 for update automatically
But in morning when I got up
My show me samsung logo
And it won't to change
Now what. I do?

  • Gracia

I just baught sm galaxy j2 prime and it has 3 gb internal memory only. But it shows on its screen 8 gb. Can I do something to fix this?

  • AnonD-705594

Virat , 03 Oct 2017Hai guys plss help me I have one more query, otg connection Avai... moreYes it does