Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime

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Terrible phone. The battery is at 80% capacity. A replacement battery costs $40 from Samsung and delivery takes a month. The Home Button died just out of warranty. I will NEVER buy a Samsung product again!

  • Dede

My phone sensor is very active. How can I reset it to normal. W

  • Queen

I restart the phone , i put my gmail but it doesn't work . What should i gonna do ?

  • Anonymous

8 gb ROM model is clearly not enough. However there is a 16 gb model, in this case it covers perfectly the requirements needed by a huge chunk of users. Other users need even more e.g. 32gb, 64, or 128 gb. But for some users 16gb covers their needs perfectly.

  • Anonymous

My galaxy j2 prime is now a music player because of the very low internal memory. It's hard to update my apps so I had to uninstall other apps to update the others. I'm planning to buy a new cheap smartphone with 32GB internal storage.

  • Dulan

Yeah, 17 Aug 2019This phone automatically downloads software updates and even pop... moreWhat is the latest update this mobile received?

  • Yeah

This phone automatically downloads software updates and even pop-ups software updates almost everyday!(even though i changed it to manual downloading, which is annoying). I cant block those pop-ups. It cost almost half of my storage.

  • Rangga

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2019Mau update samsung j2 prime ram 3GB sama rom16GBUpdate ram 3gb

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2019When phone switch on display colur but after 3second totaly blac... moreMau update samsung j2 prime ram 3GB sama rom16GB

  • Anonymous

When phone switch on display colur but after 3second totaly black and white. How to make it normel screen

  • Sumu

loner, 30 Jun 2019same probI'm facing same problem😑

  • mike

at least you can use orbot and ahmia in this one

  • J2PrimeIsScam

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2019same problemWorst storage system ang Ghost touch screen tsk

  • loner

Anonymous, 28 Jun 2019This phone has only 8G storage. Already 85% storage of my phone ... moresame prob

  • Anonymous

This phone has only 8G storage. Already 85% storage of my phone is occupied. Installed apps did not occupied the memory. I think Facebook and Messenger data occupied the maximum storage. The phone showing a message several times in a day to clean/clear the storage. How can I do that ?

  • Quake

The app that most installed and uses most storage is whatsapp.Fortunately whatsapp storage can be made to store it's pixs/video/animation gifs to SD card with it's own My File file manager.Click on the 3small dots at top right and select storage management.Just select all apps.Any apps that can be 'moved'is displayed.No need to install 3rd party app2sd.

  • Nisha

It was a headache after getting low internal storage after transferring old phone apps to this. Then you have to live with it...

  • Deepee engee

This phone has only 8G storage. Why would samsung disable allowing external sd card as default storage? You can see its low as 8Gb with half of that taken up by system apps. Htf are we supposed to store anything on sd card?! Dumb design. Dont buy this phone!

Well the language change to German just so...?
How do I fix that...?

  • Rowri

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2019Can you please make an app or update your system.. I want to m... moreYou can't move apps to sd card storage. Unfortunately, the internal storage is all you get for storing apps and other external downloads etc.