Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime

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  • Dee

AnonD-734441, 01 Feb 2018Hello, been using J2 Prime for a year now and had the same ... moreYess, you're absolutely correct! I like your positive times in dealing with the problems. I was really upset because I was expecting a better phone back then.. Sales people trick ^^;;

  • J2p

Ineedurhelp, 08 Sep 2020I did a factory reset on my phone then rebooted it afterwar... moreYou have to install custom rom.
Please visit to

  • Anonymous

Samson J2 Optimus Prime Pro Max Hp Tolol

  • Jacques

Ive just read some of comments, mine is this, this phone build 2016 years ago and it is obsolete in all aspects because too many phones have been release as of this year 2020 that many updates have been made for all of the apps thats why this phone can no longer accumulate hard games and other heavy apps because of the updates and just only 1 update takes huge space of RAM and ROM. FB messenger, Chrome browsing simple games youtube still works perfectly to this phone Samsung Galaxy j2 Prime. Well guys if you aren't satisfied to this model then go buy a new 2020 model Samsung Galaxy phone that perfectly answered all your query and im just giving an advice 😉

  • Ujang

J2 “PRIME" where prime on this handphone

  • Anonymous

Samsung j2 prime is bad. Because many games or apps are incompatible just like GTA:San andreas. It also loses storage easily. When I installed a 11 mb app and later my storage space was already 300 mb like what!? But the good thing about this phone is that it doesnt break easily.

  • James

Can i install a memory card in this phone?

  • Jona

Paeng, 27 May 2020Do you have an active sim card inserted? It will send sms ... moreI need to research using data but my sim card need to inserted in the device

  • Bill

My J2P is bad

  • Anonymous

I cannot figure out why I keep seeing a message of failure to save or delete! This happens every time I attempt to save or delete information from my memory card. The memory card is not full. I

  • Bruce

I cannot my ejected number list on my phone. I did unconsciously something and I have blocked my friend's number, but I don't know how to solve it. I did not find their numbers in my blocked list. When they call me, the phone automatically rejects them. Other numbers still work but one of my friend's calls have been ejected so far. Thank you

tyue, 20 Jul 2020lol i will buy this phone it's goodpls don't

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2020Me and my cousins bought this phone 2016. And 2 years after... moreyes, i was got tricked too, i thought at first this phone offering like >5gb of free space. so damn, with this j2p sell price i wondering why i'm not buying another great phone with the same price...

  • anilkumar

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2020Me and my cousins bought this phone 2016. And 2 years after... moreupdate the softwere

  • Anonymous

Me and my cousins bought this phone 2016. And 2 years after it started ghost touching. I thought I destroyed my phone, cause I play a lot. It turns out im not the only one whos experiencing this issue.
Me and my cousins hhave the same issue, even though they rarely use it for games. It says 8gb internal but

Only 3.3gb free after you reset it. A slow phone. Slow even when just browsing. Heats up after 10 mins of use. Samsung tricked a lot of consumers in buying J2 prime.

  • Ineedurhelp

I did a factory reset on my phone then rebooted it afterward. When I was on the start-up page I got stuck on the "checking connection" page. I searched all over on the internet, but no one is giving a proper answer on how to fix it. Its been hours but I'm still stuck there. Please help me, I beg you, I would deeply appreciate it.

  • Pcyshe3

Among my Samsung phones, this is the most fragile in terms of hardware material. Amazingly though, outer screen is almost in shatters but lcd still perfectly functioning. Just the best size for hand-held phones but battery life is deteriorating as time goes. My main issue from the beginning is the internanl memory which limits its usage to texting, browsing and streaming only. I also like that it has features like power saving and memory optimization

  • J2 prime

WHAT HAPPEN I just reset/format the phone but why so longer to loading. Can't wait it almost 6hrs and not yet fix.

  • gp

This is the best phone. I had dropped it a lot of times it only got scratched the borders protected it. I love this phone a lot

  • Kibal