Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)

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  • Rack

I want to know if this phone supports midi devices like launchpad

This thing sucks. The OS constanley froze from just watching youtube in 360p and watching Netflix too. I found myself having to do a hard restart almost everyday.

  • Samsung#1

Rifnaz Riff, 23 Aug 2019U can force an update to Lineage OS 14.1 (Nougat)You can install the os on it that is
1 if you root it
2 if you install twrp
Which is a recovery
3 then install the ROM

  • Anonymous

is there somebody got their sm-j320f rooted without using pc or computer? plz tell to some of us coz we need it badly, tia

Sigit, 18 Jun 2019Why can't I upgrade to Marshmallow and Nougat? My phone stuck at... moreU can force an update to Lineage OS 14.1 (Nougat)

005, 16 Jun 2019sameSearch in YouTube. You'll get a solution. Key Words 4g LTE j3 2016 or follow below steps

Key input
Key input

Debug screen
Phone control
Network control
Band selection
Band one or band 2


(before u set up this setting make sure ur j3 4n shows u H+ connectionl) it isn't an important thing. After switching to 4g
In my j3 i switched the connection to WCDMA.
It didn't show H+. Let me know what about yours.

  • J3 IN 2019

I have this phone as backup phone. Phone is pretty good, I bought it in May 2018 and it was still sold then even the fact that it is 2016 model. It is pretty ok if you delete all google and microsoft apps which you don't need. It is very good because of removable battery and key button which is more practical. Touch screen is good but I can say it is a little slow on touch if you are going to compare with some newer model. The worst thing about this phone is OS: It has a lolipop which is too old and design is also very boring, there is no any security updates so it is not so good in 2019 but not that bad. I wish that there is at least Marshmallow to refresh and get some functions and I think that J3 2016 would be more popular if there was more updates. It is still popular and sold but with newer OS , popularity would be increased. Memory is 8 gb but about half is free for use so if you are going to use a lot of apps and store a lot of files it would be a problem. I do not reccomend using SNAPCHAT there, because it is using a lot of memory and RAM so it slows device. Also, if you don't have to use facebook app then it will works ok because it is really hard app. Also bad thing is music app, but you can download SAMSUNG MUSIC on google not on store and it should do the job. You will probably need a SD card to work at all with files and apps. Cameras are pretty ok, they are not the best but do the job correctly. Battery is not so good as I thought it would be. It can be 1 day, depends on usage but it drains very fast and it is removable so it is a good thing.

ANYWAY it is a really good phone and useful too if you don't put too many heavy apps and if you are ok with OS without security updates it will do the job.

  • Anonymous

Saniemuel, 13 Jul 2019Why i cant turn on my smart prepaid mobile data? It has a little memory saver

  • Leotrim

Sigit, 18 Jun 2019Why can't I upgrade to Marshmallow and Nougat? My phone stuck at... moreSame problem bro😑

  • Saniemuel

Why i cant turn on my smart prepaid mobile data?

  • Saniemuel

Why i cant turn on my smart prepaid mobile data?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2018It is horrible don't byI agree I've had nothing but problem after problem never have I before with boost but this is horrible..says sprint carrier I hate sprint..I send texts they come bk saying send to fail,try to call out says attempting, works only when it wants to. I've called so many times n nothing fixing it..

  • rance

This phone is good for people that are on budget for a phone that can do basics tasks such as: Phone, Messaging, Internet Browsing, Emails, taking basic pictures, social media, checking weather/news etc… But isn’t the fastest phone to do these tasks but still works and at a cheaper price
But if you want a phone that is a bit faster, a better camera, better at gaming, bigger battery, has better mobile and WIFI connectivity you a better off with getting a more expensive and more powerful phone. With this device it is quicker to slow down, just after one year it had slowed right down and seems really laggy slow to use.
But there are good things about this device:
• Has a Super AMOLED display that the flagship devices have, and this is a budget device!
• Some J3 models have a duel sim which is good if you want to have two networks on the same phone e.g: if it is a work and personal phone at the same time
• 1.5GB of ram, so it can hold some apps open in the memory but it can only stretch so far, so don’t expect it to hold games open
• 8MP camera so it can take alright pictures which you can share to your friends and family on social media etc…
• 5MP camera so it also alright at taking selfies that everyone is obsessed with nowadays, that you can share on social media
• LTE connectivity so it has 4G mobile connection so you can browse the internet and use social media fast but also still has 3G if you are in an area that doesn’t support 4G
• WIFI 802.11 b/g/n, which means that you have fast WIFI even if multiple people are using the same connection and will work fine
• A 2,600 mAh removable battery which means that you can have a nearly full days’ charge without having to take a charger with you, but if you do run out of battery you can take the battery out and swap it with a different battery to keep you going

There are limitations:
• Android lollipop (which is the highest it can update to) is not the newest android version available on other Samsung devices
• 8GB storage version only gives 3GB usable for the user
• There is no MHL but OTG is available
• No NFC (but my device did have NFC for some reason)
• Missing multiple sensors: digital compass, gyroscope and light sensor

What the unboxing is like:
The device comes in an ordinary white box which contains the basics such as: an AC wall adapter which is uses to charge the device and a USB cable. A pair of in - ear headphones.

What the device looks like:
On the back Samsung have used coatings and painting techniques which gives a metal look (especially on the black version). The phone is thick compared to other devices to give better grip of the device.
Also on the back there is still the main speaker grill, the camera, the LED flash still where you would expect to find them. If you open the back, you will find the battery and the sim card slot and the micro SD card slot.
On the front there are big bezels on the top and bottom of the device but it is actually fine to use. Below the display is the traditional layout with the normal Home button which feels nice and clickly and to left and right of it are the capacitive, recent apps and back button. Above the display there is a front facing camera on the right side of the phone with also the earpiece, and proximity sensor. But has no ambient light sensor.
On the right is the power button and on the left is the volume rocker. On the bottom is the microUSB port and the mic and headphone port (yes that’s still here) is on the top.

The J3 (2016) has a 6 inch display that has the latest Super AMOLED display technology. The pixels are in the Pentile matrix layout with the pixel density off 294ppi and a resolution of 720 x 1280px so it can work with anything up to 720p resolution such as on YouTube. The display is sharp with nice looking rich and vivid colours and a good contrast that is good with dark scenes and bright scenes.

The display also has a good contrast ratio that works really well in daylight because it of its outdoor mode that turns the brightness right up for use in bright daylight. With normal brightness mode it has a maximum of 331 nits and with outdoor mode it gets brighter at 468 nits. But what shows you that it is a budget phone is that it doesn’t have an auto brightness mode.
The display has alright colour reproduction but because it is obviously a budget device it will be unexpected to have sRGB calibration.

Depending on what chipset version you get it may have different connections but they will be similar. In this device you do get single sim and dual sim variants so you may be able to use two mobile networks at the same time.
With WIFI it only has 802.11 b/g/n so it only works on 2.4GHz band so there no 5G WIFI support.

  • Sigit

Why can't I upgrade to Marshmallow and Nougat? My phone stuck at 5.1.1 Lollipop.
Location: Indonesia

  • 005

King George , 12 Jun 2019My J3 2016 doesn't support 4g why? same

  • King George

Smart, 30 Dec 2018My j3 2016 does not carry 4g (lte) whyMy J3 2016 doesn't support 4g why?


AnonD-718233, 18 Feb 2018Plz dont uy this phone. This phone is horrible. Battery problem.... moreSame problem with my j3

I had one of these back in 2016-2017 and it had many issues from the occasional ghost call as another person here has stated they experienced with this phone, I also experienced lock ups and random full battery discharge from ~70% to dead. Ultimately I dropped it on a soft carpeted floor and the LCD and digitizer both shattered couldn't see anything but black and couldn't touch anything, wildest part was the outer screen was fine but the darned thing was useless.

  • aarin

Denis Ali, 01 Sep 2018I have installed Lineage Os 14.1 and i ace android 7.1.2! Its su... morewhat model?

  • Anonymous

j320fn has 4g/lte