Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)

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I'mPhone, 04 Dec 2019Ignore RAM, chipset is terrible as a shipwreck. CPU-Z saying it ... moreYes , phone is really slow. But it was made in 2016 so it is pretty old . Hardware and software are old. I had that phone as a backup and it wasn't smooth but can handle FB LITE, INSTAGRAM and SNAPCHAT. You can't compare it with Iphone XR. This is low-range phone and it's time passed. Other samsung phones are great(there are lot of flagships and midrange phones who works perfect). This phone has a old OS and problems with memory and RAM but i suppose it is made to be low budget phone with simple smart system.

  • I'mPhone

Paul, 30 Nov 2019Really slow. When I open Gmaps or browser everything is slow mot... moreShamsung does terribly in the low-range market.
Most of those phones (with exception of some newest releases such as the M30s ) have terrible performance and specs. I can get a Xiaomi phone with similar price with better specs.

Speaking of your phone. I have a J3 as a spare. Yes it takes forever to load certain apps, ignore Facebook and Instagram. Whatsapp takes time to load, and storage gets full quickly despite only installed that Whatsapp and one more app. Most videos and pics have been cleared and yet storage is 90% full.

Time to eliminate that rubbish. My iPhone XR (which I'm planning to swap because of carrier-subsidized deal and few cracks) run much faster than that frapp lol (joking)

  • I'mPhone

otnaaa2, 30 Nov 2019That is the problem, for mostly J3 2016 devices there is just An... moreIgnore RAM, chipset is terrible as a shipwreck. CPU-Z saying it runs on 4x ARM Cortex A7 (or Spreadtrum according to GSMArena or NotebookCheck) and all cores are clocked to maximum. Have this phone as emergency and very hard to open apps despite being basic daily apps. Even Facebook Lite stutters and storage already 90% full despite only installed 2 daily apps and cleared lots of useless videos and photos.

My iPhone XR runs more than 25x faster than that potato phone :v

Joking aside it's time to upgrade, ignore Shamsung's low-end phones and try Xiaomi phones. Good specs and quality with good pricing

  • I'mPhone

I still have that phone as an emergency phone (got it free years ago on carrier-subsidized deal).

Phone is damn slow, and it's hard to open only basic apps (social media, even Facebook Lite has its stutters). Apps take so long to load whereas I have another very old phone (but used to be a flagship) which breezes through it.

It was alright in its era, but anyone with that phone, must upgrade theirs ASAP. Xiaomi phones offer good specs and quality (also reliability) at a reasonable price. My iPhone runs on A12 Bionic and that's 25x faster than that J3 with Spreadtrum (CPU-Z says 4x ARM Cortex A7) lol :v

Anonymous, 30 Nov 2019I see a lot of people have issues, did you update to the latest ... moreThat is the problem, for mostly J3 2016 devices there is just Android Lolipop and unfortunately Samsung never published any update(even security updates) so all J3 2016 with that OS are forced to use STOCK ROM.

Some versions of J3 2016 came with Marshmallow and got Nougat update but they are rare .


  • Anonymous

I see a lot of people have issues, did you update to the latest firmware or still using the stock one?

  • Paul

Really slow. When I open Gmaps or browser everything is slow motion. Exasperatedly slow.

  • DRF

Kole, 28 Nov 2019Good phone, it served me well. The only problem is memory, that'... moreI still have mine, and it truly sucks. It is so slow that it even lags out on the unlock screen. It runs google apps really slow and there is always lag between when you click something and it happens. In my opinion, you should save up for the galaxy a20

  • Kole

Good phone, it served me well. The only problem is memory, that's bad.

  • Mie

Mak.l, 08 Nov 2019Mine keeps turning it self off and i cant turn it back on Mine also, but it's turning On back, like the phone restart itself after long use the mobile hotspot. Sometimes the mobile hotspot is turning off by itself.

  • Mak.l

Thescaredshadow, 30 Sep 2019This thing sucks. The OS constanley froze from just watching you... moreMine keeps turning it self off and i cant turn it back on

  • mem

I love mine, have had no problems at all

  • Rack

I want to know if this phone supports midi devices like launchpad

This thing sucks. The OS constanley froze from just watching youtube in 360p and watching Netflix too. I found myself having to do a hard restart almost everyday.

  • Samsung#1

Rifnaz Riff, 23 Aug 2019U can force an update to Lineage OS 14.1 (Nougat)You can install the os on it that is
1 if you root it
2 if you install twrp
Which is a recovery
3 then install the ROM

  • Anonymous

is there somebody got their sm-j320f rooted without using pc or computer? plz tell to some of us coz we need it badly, tia

Sigit, 18 Jun 2019Why can't I upgrade to Marshmallow and Nougat? My phone stuck at... moreU can force an update to Lineage OS 14.1 (Nougat)

005, 16 Jun 2019sameSearch in YouTube. You'll get a solution. Key Words 4g LTE j3 2016 or follow below steps

Key input
Key input

Debug screen
Phone control
Network control
Band selection
Band one or band 2


(before u set up this setting make sure ur j3 4n shows u H+ connectionl) it isn't an important thing. After switching to 4g
In my j3 i switched the connection to WCDMA.
It didn't show H+. Let me know what about yours.

  • J3 IN 2019

I have this phone as backup phone. Phone is pretty good, I bought it in May 2018 and it was still sold then even the fact that it is 2016 model. It is pretty ok if you delete all google and microsoft apps which you don't need. It is very good because of removable battery and key button which is more practical. Touch screen is good but I can say it is a little slow on touch if you are going to compare with some newer model. The worst thing about this phone is OS: It has a lolipop which is too old and design is also very boring, there is no any security updates so it is not so good in 2019 but not that bad. I wish that there is at least Marshmallow to refresh and get some functions and I think that J3 2016 would be more popular if there was more updates. It is still popular and sold but with newer OS , popularity would be increased. Memory is 8 gb but about half is free for use so if you are going to use a lot of apps and store a lot of files it would be a problem. I do not reccomend using SNAPCHAT there, because it is using a lot of memory and RAM so it slows device. Also, if you don't have to use facebook app then it will works ok because it is really hard app. Also bad thing is music app, but you can download SAMSUNG MUSIC on google not on store and it should do the job. You will probably need a SD card to work at all with files and apps. Cameras are pretty ok, they are not the best but do the job correctly. Battery is not so good as I thought it would be. It can be 1 day, depends on usage but it drains very fast and it is removable so it is a good thing.

ANYWAY it is a really good phone and useful too if you don't put too many heavy apps and if you are ok with OS without security updates it will do the job.

  • Anonymous

Saniemuel, 13 Jul 2019Why i cant turn on my smart prepaid mobile data? It has a little memory saver