Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)

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  • Ben dover

xdlolomg, 18 Sep 2021I bought this phone 4/YR ago and I'm still using it :D... moreLol same it sucks but my dad won’t let me get a new one

  • P7-J3

Just got this used and perfect for me: only need it for calls/texts and I'm not on social media.

  • xdlolomg

I bought this phone 4/YR ago and I'm still using it :D I'm not gonna lie it's a terrible phone and when I'm using it in online classes battery goes down very fast :D

  • Carol323

I blocked it because I thought Id lost it. How do I unblock it

I just got the AT&T version of this phone for free in perfect shape, it's definitely not a great phone but for what it is, it's pretty decent

  • Pitchy pathy

JanaBanana, 15 Aug 2021My mum had this phone for about 4.75 years and it worked te... moreI can understand when such terrible phone is passed down to someone ..

  • JanaBanana

My mum had this phone for about 4.75 years and it worked terribly. Seriously. She passed it down onto me and I've tried to install some games and all of the games roll real slowly, and the games lag so much, and they are all terribly glitchy. There is only 8GB of storage, and the system memory takes up about 75% of the storage, and I can only install about 2 games that are only about 100 MB of storage. I had to disable YouTube and Gmail because the device kept blacking out and saying " Your device does not have enough storage "
The battery life lasts like 2 hours of constant usage, and drains even when the device is sleeping!!!!!! And when its like 50% battery it drains like 5% a minute! And when 10% it the battery dies like in 5 secs.
Dont buy this!! Go for Samsung A51 or newer for a better performance.
Kind regards,

  • Anonymous

It has been useful for me up to now. But I wonder myself, is it possible to increase the Android on this phone?

  • Bogna

Got this phone in January 2017. Still using. It has lasted 4.5 years. The reason I am sticking with Samsung.

Was good phone but didn't last long with this ram and storage. Not worth buying today. 7/10

I was this phone in 2017

  • ejhone

AnonD-383472, 05 Jul 2016Good review when i was in grade 9 my father was gave me a samsung j3,but in a first i used my self said"this is a good phone,good battery life,camera quality,no laging if you are playing game.
but after a few month my samsung was a cracks 'cause fallin' into a stair the screen is i'm grade 12 now so i need to buy this kind of phone.

  • Eagleeye

Very good little phone. The salesman thinks that newer is better, but it's not always the case ! Among many phones through the years, 30 years mobile use - I have kept the S3, J4 and Nokia N8 also.

I buy today Samsung J3 (2016) 8gb. Phone was used very little because the owner had an official who used it dailyit. I wonder if it is possible, and if so ... how to order a newer version of android? something like 7.1.1. (nougat) or any other than 5.1.1. which is on it!
If anyone knows and can help, I would be very grateful!

  • Asnan

This phone is a good phone. I am using this phone from 2017. It has no issue. The camera of this phone is very good. The battery timing is also good. It gives me almost 5 hour screen time on a full charged. You can go for it. I think it is old but gold. Thanks.

  • pricemj

Anonymous, 29 Apr 20204th year running strong. Everything working as it should be... moreSame. went swimming with it in my pocket once and dropped it on asphalt going 25mph another time. Still works!

  • pricemj

I got this as my first phone in September 2017 after being passed down from my mom then my sister. It has survived being submerged in water a few times, once I even left it in my pocket when I went swimming in a river for at least five minutes. It has also survived being dropped on asphalt at 25mph with no cracks (with a case of course). I still have it to this date and even though it is slow, I hope it'll continue to function for many years to come.

  • Dng

The battery is overheating and i've been used it for 5 years and i

  • Nah name

Bruh ive been using this for 1 n half and many problem i got such as overheating, and the battery bloated 2 times only in 1year n half and i did changed the battery but its bloating again so imma give up. Ye its not a second hand just bought it from the store. Idk if im unlucky or got scam lol. Think twice before buying

  • Anonymous

JE, 17 Mar 2021This phone is impressively bad. It lags horribly, it lacks ... moreIt is the microprocessor what is incredibly can cause this bugs.