Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)

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  • pj

what is that mean i bought a samsung galaxy j3 6 here in saudi arabia but i notice that there is note middle east and african sim card only what is that mean

  • AnonD-572955

Mouse, 13 Nov 2016I got a message that said Emergency Maintenance Reboot. Then cho... moreIt's been 6 months since I bought this phone and not even once I have encountered something like that. We have different variants so I am only speaking for myself or for us.

  • Mouse

I got a message that said Emergency Maintenance Reboot. Then choices appeared but started scrolling on it's own before I could even read them. It made it's own choice and a green robot started twirling with the word "ERASING". I couldn't get it to stop. I took it to the local Verizon where I was told it wiped everything, even factory settings from the phone. I was told it happens randomly, nothing I did that it is a Google issue. I was sent a refurbished phone, took it to Verizon today to have it set up. About an hour ago the same message came up. This time I quickly took the battery out. Has anyone heard of this? I want to know is it the phone, a virus or really a google problem.

  • AnonD-572955

This is a great phone, I love the AMOLED the battery is big enough and 4G is fast enough. My longest screen on time at 30% brightness is 8h 35m while connected to WiFi. The only issue so far is its only running Lollipop.

  • AnonD-572955

I received a software update SM-J320YXXU1APJ4 it includes October security patch and ultra data saving mode is now added. I am losing hope of getting Marshmallow eventhough this device is qualified to receive Nougat.

  • AnonD-609345

Im on my 2nd phone in 10 days.I can't transfer from wifi to 4g unless I turn my phone off and just use mobile data when it comes back on it's says I'm offline had this issue since upgrade 10 days ago think another phone will be issued again

  • Jaswe

It would be interesting, John D, if you could tell me how your phone is now working. Recently, my phone played up, the screen would not work. To switch it off, I had to take out the battery. I had only had it three months so I took it back to the EE shop. Their technical people said that it was unrepairable due to water damage - to my knowledge it had not been near water!!!

  • John D

Are the the phone water proof.
I drop my phone in a pit with a depth of 1.8meters. It took 20 minutes to recover my phone and it was still on. It switched off after about 20 minutes. I took out the battery and put it in a bowl of rice.

  • Sampad

is this volte?

  • Anonymous

ifti, 09 Nov 2016Is model sm_j320h/ds 4GI have this model and i don't think it runs 4g

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2016I got galaxy j3 and when i get in play store its asking me to bu... moretype the password that you put to lock your phone.
same password on your lockscreen

  • ifti

AnonD-605463, 02 Nov 2016Is Galaxy J3 (2016 4G or 3G?Is model sm_j320h/ds 4G

  • Anonymous

Has anyone had an issue with the screen cracking while charging your phone

  • AnonD-608100

Good if you have a Brewsters Millions type challenge to throw your money away in as efficient a way as possible. I bought this phone and got many many long...days of use...precisely 18 in point of fact. Battery ran low in work and ran out before I could charge it. I thought no problem and used my car charger, this was a no go. Went home at the end of the day and used my two main chargers in succession, this also did nothing. I took off the Otterbox I bought with the phone (for extra protection and also a giant money waster as it cannot protect from an ultimately faulty phone) and removed the battery and ensured all was clear, bright and charged, no go. Tried another battery from someone I know with the exact same phone, no go. Brought to the shop, all dead. Nothing they could do. Refused to honour the warranty as I managed to drop the phone and crack the screen while trying to get off the too tight back.

Will recommend to everyone who enjoys exasperation and trouble in their lives.

  • anonymous

AnonD-605463, 02 Nov 2016Is Galaxy J3 (2016 4G or 3G?yes that 4G

  • Anonymous

I got galaxy j3 and when i get in play store its asking me to but the current passwored?What i have to do ?

  • cat

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2016Samsung on5pro,j3,which is betterj3 is better than on5 pro.because it has a 64 bit processor and a sAMOLED display.

  • Annie

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2016Yes, I am facing problem with the sound. I bought this phone in ... moreI am having a problem with the sound. My problem is I am on a phone call with my sister in Dayton, OH and then with my daughter who is only a mile away. They hear me but they cut out several times. Just had AT & T send me a new phone because it was under warranty. Tried the new phone while I was still at the AT & T store and it cut out right there when I called my sister. Tried our daughter when we were on our way home and she cut out twice. I will contact Customer Care at AT & T and tell them because of my health issues I can not have a phone cutting out. I am furious over this issue.

  • Anonymous

Samsung on5pro,j3,which is better

  • becka

takes NANO sim