Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017)

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017)

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  • An

Lucidny jr, 29 Jan 2020Glass can break EASYNo. I tried smash with punhing at high forse, no any cracks.

  • Lucidny jr

Glass can break EASY

  • Nijinski

Can i get an unlock code for this phone

Im waiting for Android 10 or at least One UI 2.0 for this device.

The last update nov1 ASPL bring screen flickering..

Temp solution is apply/change theme.

  • Arsov 36

kudin joe, 28 Sep 2019can't upgrade to piewhy not?

  • solcutter

EastKoma, 15 Dec 2019Good phone if its laggy for you do hard reset, fixit but af... moreA hard reset won't affect the hardware speeds just clean the software to speed the device up, it doesn't change the processor architecture so it doesn't slow the phones down from what it was previously

  • Mjmg3506

EastKoma, 15 Dec 2019Good phone if its laggy for you do hard reset, fixit but af... moreYes, it is not laggy, after you hard reset it, although if you can’t back it up, then it is usually worth the lag.

  • EastKoma

Good phone if its laggy for you do hard reset, fixit but after all its not powerfull phone so dont think alot about gaming to tese days new games. for every day use its perfect, battery holds verry well i have this phone abaout 2 years and its still holds batterry for 2-3 days for normal use ofcorce gaming net browsing it will discharge after one day but still thats pretty impresive. Bad thing that it has only octa core... and that is jus 1.4ghz..

  • Arsov 36

WOW! This phone has One UI!

  • Anonymous

I have it for 1.6 years when it was at 1year it was good but now it's a lot laggy i think that even the iphone 5/5s is faster than this one, i wouldn't recomend it

  • Ilja

I want in J3(2017) Bixby

  • kudin joe

can't upgrade to pie

  • Richie

Just got pie update and its very nice . Yeah

  • agrarina

Just got my new company phone - J3 2017. It wouldn`t start up. Then connected it to the charger and manage to start it after an hour of charging. It stays on 0% battery .... Faulty straight out of the box. Incredible!

  • Anonymous

If someone wants to know, this phone has SBC, AAC, aptX and LDAC and something called "Scalable Codec"

Kel, 17 Aug 2019J3 2017 get pie in europ (smj330FN),?.??yes, Romania. From the end of august.

  • Gramalda

I have j3 2017 (pro) in Indonesia and i got the android pie 9.0 and also the one ui.

  • J3user

Got the piie update already.

  • Kel

Umizoomi, 05 Aug 2019Does anyone have got the android pie update?J3 2017 get pie in europ (smj330FN),?.??