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Samsung Galaxy J4

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  • Shakur eden

Ive been using j4 since 2019 bt the problem is it dosnt support 4g incase ur far from booster it becomes hard to browse

Maruf fromBangladesh, 04 Sep 2021Recently (August-21) I bought a second hand Samsung Galaxy ... moreSame I too bought a second hand J4 2GB/16GB (31 August 2021) and changed the battery from service center. I like this phone because it is not too big or too small. Perfect size with 5.5 inch 16:9 AMOLED Screen. This phone don't have magnetometer that is why you can't get direction while using Google maps. Not a problem with your phone. It is an entry level phone launched in 2018 and missing some important sensors. The good thing is it is running Android 10 with One UI 2.0. I only miss double tap to unlock feature otherwise it's a good phone.

Recently (August-21) I bought a second hand Samsung Galaxy J4. 2/16 variant. Getting Charge Backup of approximately 9 Hours, basically I'm a regular normal user. I only use Call, SMS, Little bit browsing, Messenger, WhatsApp and sometime YouTube. I'm fully Satisfied with this backup. But I'm not able to use Google Map with right direction. It's giving me exact position where I'm but not the Correct North, South, East, West direction. Plz help if anyone knew the exact solution. Thanks a Lot for Reading Carefully. 💖💖

Alice, 20 Mar 2021My j4 some tyms it says i must tap 2 restart my phone it ta... morerestarting the phone can solve some issues. you can restart:

press and hold for 2 seconds the power button

on the screen will appear 3 icons

> shut down (power off)

> restart

> emergency call

plz tap restart

  • mj

i have been using sumsung j410f/ds for 1 year now but it give me a problem of just making sound like massege is coming in after there it goes of but calls come in but the screen is blank.please help

  • Tara

Been using this for almost 3yrs now and I must say i encountered issues now like the battery life drains out quickly, slow performance, suddenly shutting down and exactly just like what others said. Also, microphone became a problem too because it doesnt work anymore but luckily, after I reformat the phone some time recently, the microphone starts to work back fine. What i like in this phone is the screen display which is nice and battery is removable.

  • Biplob

Hi ! Does j4 4G phone ?

  • Eze

lisa, 14 Jun 2021wtf someone said their external mic stopped working after 2... moreSame here...

I bought mine 2018... external mic has stopped working... I must use earpiece to make and receive calls

  • Anonymous

Tru-salon MOGAKA, 26 Jul 2021Wow! Is it upgradable to android 10yes

  • Tru-salon MOGAKA

Hanzla Tauqeer, 11 Jul 2021Its Upgradable to android 10, OneUI2.0Wow! Is it upgradable to android 10

Hanzla Tauqeer, 11 Jul 2021Its Upgradable to android 10, OneUI2.0Really?wow even old phone got any update than my Oppo A31

  • Hanzla Tauqeer

Its Upgradable to android 10, OneUI2.0

  • Anonymous

B, 06 Oct 2020Mine uses 8Check the updates

  • Anonymous

lisa, 14 Jun 2021wtf someone said their external mic stopped working after 2... moreYeah, it's me, who told about external mic.
But I think you haven't understood what I said...I have told that the built in mic (from the main speaker of the phone) is still OK, but when I use headphones, the microphone with headphones doesn't work in my phone...But my J4 doesn't overheat, unlike yours and the battery lasts long...

  • Farhan

Vladesch, 11 Feb 2021Great phone except the volume through the internal speaker ... moreJust remove the cover tape from the speaker, and also adapt the sound as your wish

  • anakbaik

I'm very happy because I got security update 2021-04-01. Thanks samsung 👍

  • lisa

wtf someone said their external mic stopped working after 2.5 years! i am in the same exact situation. i bought mine late 2018 and now it overheats, drains battery in minutes and external mic doesn't work. i have to use my earphones!

  • ianiser

Bought it in January 2019. Microphone doesn't work for a long time (since summer 2019 I believe, it just spontaneously broke completely), heats quite a bit, camera is blurry, very unresponsive, is not able to run any game with playable FPS, can't handle OS itself with sane performance, apps take long to run, animations are very slow and delayed, battery isn't good and after 2.5 years it isn't really any usable without being able to constantly charge it. Never buy this phone, today there are way better alternatives with way better specifications even from Samsung, even though Samsung has proven in the past that it can't make decent enough budget phones, A20+ series are way better and are actually decent, but I recommend sticking with Xiaomi for example.

  • Binusing

Been using this phone for 2 and half year and it starts overheating with temperature of 90°C.
Also external mic stopped working suddenly so I couldnt talk with someone without my earphones.

  • Somwan

I use this phone for 3 years and it has microphone problem, my microphone cant work, and the vibration sensor is broke too :(, but this is a cool phone for me