Samsung Galaxy J4

Samsung Galaxy J4

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  • Anonymous

many people are getting sick of the expensive Samsung devices with bad prestations. Also hating the slow updating system: A3 2017 getting Oreo before S7 and S7 Edge. I saw at least 2 people getting a Nokia instead of a new Samsung because of the slow updates.

  • VJ

The person who designed and approved has no idea about current market requirement and still sitting in 2016. Already mid market gone from Samsung hands if its continues soon they will be wiped out from industry.

  • Indian

My Galaxy J7 2016 Have Better Hardware, Better Battery N Better Design........ :)

  • Aks

Same on samsung indeed. Manufacturing with same design cheap plastic body and an obsolete chip in it.

  • AnonD-288547

Still my j3 2017 sm g3308 is far more better then this j4 2018
*metal body vs plastic
*3gb ram vs 2gb ram
*side speaker vs back speaker
*32gb internal vs 16gb internal

  • Anonymous

John, 21 May 2018Exynos 7570 in 2018? What a shame, Samsung!Still better than having T830MP1 as a GPU

  • John

Exynos 7570 in 2018? What a shame, Samsung!