Samsung Galaxy J4 Core

Samsung Galaxy J4 Core

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  • angle

Sydney , 07 May 2020The videos in the gallery are in slow motion and no doundmine as well :(

  • Anonymous

Its my first time using Samsung in my life. Just heard people saying is a good phone, but only to experience it myself via j4 core, am so disappointed and regretting at the same time. This phone is boring🙄

  • Sweetpie

This phone doesn't produce sound when playing videos using gallery

  • vovo

soooooo dissappointed

  • Afzalkhan

CptPower, 08 Nov 2018Good day everyboy. Its my honor, its my pleasure, its my ... more12

  • Jovis

Anonymous , 05 Jul 2020Oh my goodness i'm so traumatized,just started using t... moreSamsung was my favorite brand but after i bought this j4 core with poor camera i regret

  • Anonymous

Worst Phone everr. Samsung were lazy with this phone.

  • Great

Anonymous , 05 Jul 2020Oh my goodness i'm so traumatized,just started using t... moreI love this phone.

  • Anonymous

LIANA, 24 Jun 2020I regret buying this phone. Why can't I change the font style?I was very surprised when i saw that it doesn't have options to change font and the emojis on this phone aren't the usual emojis for a Samsung phone.

  • Anonymous

Oh my goodness i'm so traumatized,just started using this phone today and i'm shook. I thought it would be very advanced and all because it's very big in size but i was wrong. It has such poor photo quality,photo quality is one of the most important features of a phone. Today i learnt a lesson to never buy a phone without checking features and quality.Ireally don't understand how this phone could be so poor in everything. The J1 is like ten times better than this J4 honestly. As crazy as it is,i wish the photo quality could just magically improve i have to wait for like 2 years before i can get another phone. I wish Samsung could take these reviews seriously and work on improvising.

  • Anonymous

Why did GSMarena didn't add Samsung experience 8.0

  • Anonymous

Why a upper class phone do not have a screen mirroring opsion and if you down loud the app it doesn't work

  • Thabang

Siba, 21 Apr 2020I'm also having a problem with the slow motion videos and t... moreMy video they don.t play very well there's no sound


I regret buying this phone. Why can't I change the font style?

  • Anonymous

I am disappointed at this J4 core, it cannt download just Whatsapp ...i regret buying it bit time.

  • Jayden

This phone suck!! When ii download my songs they don't appear andd it takes a shxt load of time to download an app!! I'm fed up.

  • Pim_boy

GID Space, 20 May 2020This is the worst phone it never gets new updates it still ... moreI have updated mine three times

  • Sphe

J4 core hater, 30 May 2020Doesn't download apps, sometimes videos that my friends sen... moreMxm I'm also having the same problem when downloading the music once I'm done they say can't find the file to open it. it doesn't have the voice recorder and notes, i regret why i bought it...Samsung J4 core its a trash

  • J4 core hater

Doesn't download apps, sometimes videos that my friends send in instagram are played in slow motion. Slow ass phone. No fingerprint so u have to type ur password everytime/draw it. It sucks


guys it depends , maybe its the factory fault on other j4's. mine is working properly . clear camera and faster . videos are playing nicely. i think it depends on that . it doesnt have a built in video call but its not necessary because i can download skype or duo and have fun . when starting a new phone...please charge the battery before and connect to internet to open its features. allow automatic updates of software. never loose a site