Samsung Galaxy J4 Core

Samsung Galaxy J4 Core

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  • Kilowaruna

This is the best cellphone I ever used before, but I can not save sent images from whatsapp to my gallery please help


I hate this phone nxaa rubbish, you guys keep on updating the software but there is this rubbish font only, no font options just font size that bullshit.😠

  • Anonymous

No video call this fone?

  • Zamie

my phone turned black and I do not know why.. I charged it full but still.. if I try opening it it does not it just freezes after displaying the vodacom logo.. what to do?

  • Psb

Where is notification light. Where is dual sim card slot. No filters in camera

  • nonzzy

my phone just went black, when I long press the power button the power and restart option pops up when I press restart nothing happens the same happens when I press on power... I do receive WhatsApp calls n get notifications but I cannot see them...please do help as to how I go about fixing this problem

  • Anonymous

Please dont buy this disappointed...dont let the size full you thrash

  • Smomoza

This phone is not responding I pressed the power key and volume down key simultaneously but still it is not responding

What should I do

  • Anonymous

Lizy, 27 Jul 2019This fono is too bad, no screen shot, no dual sim, its has somet... moreI have been using this phone for about a month now and the phone screen has now become pale when i press the power button it brighten up but only stay that way for a very short time then become pale again.Why is like that can i bring it back to the dealer? I really need my phone.

  • Shambolic defending

This phone has no panorama feature for camera. Update the info please

  • shana

can the j4 core video call because there is no icon for video call

  • Tabz

I can't find voice recorder on this phone, when im playing a radio station there's no option for record, plz help

  • Anonymous

Asill, 13 Jun 2019I bought this phone and all now I can't download Whatsapp. All i... moreRestart phone if apps dont start download straight away

  • Grant

It's a basic phone hence the low price, for What it's worth its OK 😏.. Please Can someone help me with a clock widget that I can use on the home screen...
The phone doesn't even have a factory installed clock widget???

  • Saby

Lizy, 27 Jul 2019This fono is too bad, no screen shot, no dual sim, its has somet... moreNo. It has a screen shot. Press and hold Volume down plus power button at the same time.

  • Reece

It's a good responsive phone ,but it lags a few things like the application permission access and stuff. As well as ,it has nothing good ,I feel Samsung just made this big useless phone look good. Atleast give us a update for Android 9 , maybe it'll then have a few better features .

  • Andy

gadgetaddict2019, 20 Jul 2019i bought this. i love it. the camera is a little bad. But i have... moreSet front camera to 5.0MP
Back on to 8.0 MP

  • Lizy

Ng, 25 Jul 2019this phone does not have notification light/ledThis fono is too bad, no screen shot, no dual sim, its has something horrible which the sim can't fit, only for nano card. Can I return it, may its a factory faults.

  • Ng

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2019Where is the notification light?this phone does not have notification light/led

i bought this. i love it. the camera is a little bad. But i have a question. Can you update this to Android 9.0