Samsung Galaxy J4 Core

Samsung Galaxy J4 Core

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  • J4 core hater

Doesn't download apps, sometimes videos that my friends send in instagram are played in slow motion. Slow ass phone. No fingerprint so u have to type ur password everytime/draw it. It sucks


guys it depends , maybe its the factory fault on other j4's. mine is working properly . clear camera and faster . videos are playing nicely. i think it depends on that . it doesnt have a built in video call but its not necessary because i can download skype or duo and have fun . when starting a new phone...please charge the battery before and connect to internet to open its features. allow automatic updates of software. never loose a site

  • Sivenathi

I just bought the phone on Monday i did have some problems with the phone but I did go to settings. I was able to log in most social media e.g Instagram e.t.c so far so good to me. I urge people to through settings

  • GID Space

Miz~Tee, 30 Nov 2019I want to know how to do edit of photosOh i think it doesnt havs an option like that coz ive tried Doing and it

  • GID Space

This is the worst phone it never gets new updates it still has the same android version and is super slow ive just used it for a 6 months and its giving me problems and it doesnt come with a voice recorder what the heck and when you try to download the samsung voice recorder it just does not support it even my Galaxy Grand Prime plus is better

  • Seed

Disappointed, in less than a year the phone is giving me problems, can't switch on

  • Anonymous

I disliked this phone the first day I had it. I wish I have an option to return it back. It didn't have voice recorder, memo, camera it bad and it doesn't have video call.. It's just big for nothing. I really miss my sumsung J1 ace I gave to my sister.

  • bhoso

i also having aproblem with my ican't sign in on facebook & Twitter idont know what must i do.

  • Sydney

The videos in the gallery are in slow motion and no dound

  • Trini_onda_pavement

This phone is trash. It's slow when it comes to opening apps, programs etc. Don't buy.

  • Khosto

Im sick and tired of this is not downloading wat must i do

  • Anonymous

Otty, 10 Apr 2020Also having the same problem of videos playing on slowmotionMy music and videos can't play

  • Anonymous

The camera is very bad, and plays videos on slow motion

  • Blackx_8922

My phone doesnt play videos from video player ever since I updated my software I would like to know whats going on

  • chanty

im not happy bought this phone 25.04.20 not only two days
camera suks big time,videos slow motion no sound on some playstore not dwonlaoding even after updating software taking it back this is bad really only thing that's good about it is the size I love but either then that do not buy this phone Samsung this is not Quality at all,my Samsung z2 for 5 years is better then this #not happy

  • Bit Frustrated

Unable to read downloaded files. It always says : can't preview file. Even much smaller phones don't have this problem.

  • faster

the battery should must be removable

  • Lerah

My Samsung is a different type of version, i cannot change the font because it does not appear on my settings but when i check a friend's G4 core, she is able to change it while I can't. What can I do?

  • Siba

Anonymous, 07 Mar 2020I cant install anything from playstore what shoud i do...using... moreI'm also having a problem with the slow motion videos and the quality of the photos

  • Aftab

Gloria, 11 Apr 2020My Samsung j4 core plays slow motion on my videos and sometimes ... moreGood