Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)

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  • Omar

Lollys, 12 May 2022Had my Galaxy J5 (2016) since 2016 (when I ditched IPhone f... moreWe have one with good battery timing..

  • Lollys

Had my Galaxy J5 (2016) since 2016 (when I ditched IPhone for taking the mickey on pricing) & never had a problem with it till now. Keeps losing its charge now for no reason. Tried buying a replacement battery as I wanted to retain my J5. Its been the best mobile I've had since 1998 but I can't get the new battery to last more than a day. Bought a Galaxy A32 5G but its way to big almost tablet sized so that went back in its box as I'm not carrying that thing around with me. Too heavy too big & can't use Samsung Smart Switch to transfer my contacts & data. Disappointed in A32 5G & waste of £240 My J5 is far easier to use than A32 I'm still hopeful of getting my J5 repaired. For me to keep a phone for 6 years is unheard of

  • blahblah

michal, 13 Mar 2022this phone is 4/10. i must say it is extremely durable. I d... moreIt's a 2016 phone bruh. Pretty good for that time. If you sell me this with an updated chip, camera and software I would buy this without thinking. This were the best designed phones in my opinion. Crazy durable and not tablet sized.

  • pocker face

very good very nice!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Even i will get new brand phone 2022 Im still currently using this phone and still good and handsome. I hope the next software update for j510f. Removed bloatware or some not useful app. Just like samsung health,hangout we download that app from store if we want. right

  • michal

this phone is 4/10. i must say it is extremely durable. I dropped it about a gazillion times and there was never even a scratch on the screen. The battery is really good too. But the camera quality is just so shit, especially at night. It doesn't have much gigabytes of storage either so you cant download many apps or take too many pictures. Because of it's age , many apps don' work on it. Also it is quite laggy and sometimes it just glitches for no reason. I seriously don't recommend it. Buy an iphone instead, even I phone 6 (that is also from 2016) has way more storage , much better camera quality (even at night) and it isnt slow and laggy

  • Anonymous

Bought it in 2016 still use in it after 6 year all work fine that is one of best mobile i ever had in my life thanks samsung

  • Anonymous

Bought it as a 2nd hand phone in 2017. Still using it.

  • Anonymous

Working fine since last 5 years ... Beautiful display
Quality sound and mic perfect for everyday use.

  • Anonymous

Lasted over 5 years, got a new one as the power button was worn out. Survived falls countless times without a scratch and still holds a charge the whole day. Best phone I ever had.

  • Anonymous

I don't find any reason to buy a new phone. J5 has all the features that are perfect .. This is the 4th year and it is completely new and efficient.

  • Sithum

This is the end of 4th year. Still good. But I do not recommend it for gaming or hard work because it heat too much. Love that display. And it is very durable if you use it properly.

  • Anonymous

Aamir, 24 Aug 2021I have been using this phone since Nov 2016. And now its 24... morei think because newer app require more resource from phone, it happened to me as well so I uninstall many unnecessary app

  • Shrein

Love j5 so much ... lasts so long...

  • Yassin

I agree with Aamir I had this phone for a long time and now it's slow and laggy

  • Kid

This phone is just good.I enjoy it for 3 years now.I planning to Keep it for but last year a week before my spigen case arrived to replace older one,my power button broken,home button also no more responsive,screen turn into yellow gradient from bottom while upper side still normal colour.Worst part is after I suddenly drop ceiling money to part are not cover by screen protector.Overall I have no issues with this phone.No lagging,screen froze etc..Now I got redmi phone the ui is very different but thank goodness is clean of ads(Maybe I turn off recommendetion in all system app) but from my perspective opinion I love Ui of Samsung.Its ergonomic and minimalist for Miui its clean and smmoth . It's up to individual taste, don't get me wrong every person has their own opinion (Sorry for bad grammar)

  • Vassian83

CreDaevilcrim, 02 May 2021I think this phone is just used to be backup phone. Cause i... moreAndroid 7 on 2Gb RAM and quadcore ran a lot more smoother than Gaydroid 11 on 8Gb RAM and octocore.
Miss my J5-6, it never lagged.

  • Aamir

I have been using this phone since Nov 2016. And now its 24th Aug 2021.
Best phone, good camera result. but now it hangs/slows down due to its age factor

  • Anonymous

pane, 28 Aug 2020 How to extend battery life, To prolong the life of your ... moreThe one handed to us has burn in lmao.

  • A User

I use this phone for maybe 3 years now. I got it from a person which used it for several years too. And I must say - it's REALLY durable! It fell several times on the floor from my bed and from my hands, and didn't even get a scratch on it!
About the performance - well, it's not that great. Maybe because of years of use, I'm not sure. It runs Among Us pretty well :D.
Battery life, I believe, decreased, but still holds 1.5 days of occasional use or less than a day on quite heavy usage.
Camera shots pictures and captures video, and that's about it. Nothing special. Pictures captured at night are not very beautiful.