Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)

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How to extend battery life,
To prolong the life of your battery pack, keep these tips in mind for proper lithium-ion battery care.The lifespan of your lithium-ion battery should last between 300-500 charge and discharge cycles,(depending on the manufacturer) which usually amounts to 2-3 years.The trick is how to prolong those cycles,In short if I want my battery to last longer, I shouldn’t charge it above 85%, and don't let it discharge below 25% battery level. At this range, you receive the best balance of depth of discharge and runtime. If you stay in this zone, you can maximize your battery use and retain that healthy battery life for a much longer time.Li-ion batteries are designed to perform its best between 30 percent and 80 percent capacity so, once the battery hits lower than 30, feel free to charge your smartphone already.
Likewise, once the charge hits 85 percent,(MAX 89% ! ) you really don't need to wait for your phone to reach 100 percent anymore, you can check this in battery- power consumption details- battery usage- and you will see how this cycle does not count here,(there you will see the battery life or the last charge, but if you charge up to 100% after each charge it resets and starts from 0, which means that another cycle is taken away)
(Discharging the battery to 0% is the biggest destroyer).
Think of you battery as the human body throughout the day. You don't really need to wait like you're about to die to take some rest and recharge yourself and you also don't need a perfect eight or nine hour sleep to be able to function at full capacity.
the fact that it destroys the battery is heat, so when you use the phone for a long time, it is better to remove the back cover and keep it away from the heat source, including the hands that heat the phone, so hold it by the frame.
This is from experience and definitely works.

  • kale

Shawn, 15 Jul 2020How the fck I can't sign in to google playstore or any... moreits problem of network. try to turn on and off your data and close all apps and then try again. its not a big deal

  • Anonymous

Paolo, 26 Apr 2020My Samsung J5 (2016) is overheating on all parts (rear, cov... moreHow did you upgrade

  • Anonymous

Shawn, 15 Jul 2020How the fck I can't sign in to google playstore or any... moreMine was doing the same thing just go to accounts on setting and remove the google account and do the press volume down a power button thing a wipe every thing a start a fresh do use the old Google account or sign in just created a new one everything will be smooth u can download apps on play Store everything my friend

  • Shawn

How the fck I can't sign in to google playstore or any google acc related to this phone. It suddenly goes back to sign up part once the accept button appears. Somebody help?

  • AndroidCrits

I've got this phone from Vodafone with a contract and I thought this phone would be decent,
but no and it's a bit slower than usual, storage was meh but could have been at least 32GB.

Battery dies faster than it should.

After the contract I am buying a Samsung S10 Lite as that one will do better in overall, worthing getting it in 2020 guys

  • RedRoyce

Have been using it since 2016 little after it came out, worked quite well though camera isn't good at all :/ and now battery is pretty bad well been 4years so expected

Wasn't the best but was all rigth for at the time.

  • Zi9

Jakutsk, 05 Jun 2020Soneone who tried out lineage on this phone?I've been using it for a while with LOS 16, works perfectly

  • Jakutsk

Soneone who tried out lineage on this phone?

  • Coockie

Anonymous, 23 May 2020I now know how to take screenshots xd completely lostPres right hand side button and middle one belowe screen at the same time

  • Anonymous

I now know how to take screenshots xd

completely lost

  • Ron

Paolo, 26 Apr 2020My Samsung J5 (2016) is overheating on all parts (rear, cov... moreUse Greenify (Donation)

  • J5 2016 user

Paolo, 26 Apr 2020My Samsung J5 (2016) is overheating on all parts (rear, cov... moreMine heats up also when e.g web browsing for 20mins. Screen brightness 1/4 to 1/2 and overal the phone starts to feel slow???

I'm thinking it is somehow slowed down so you gotta buy new. If it was this slow when I bought it new in 2016 september, I would have chosen other phone.

Google searches is a pain daily with google chrome. I have to tap search twice if i have to correct something.

So much slowness.... -.- I'm thinking to upgrade to oneplus 7t but I wish it was the same size as this.

  • Paolo

My Samsung J5 (2016) is overheating on all parts (rear, cover, screen ....) I replaced the battery by a new ones, but the problem still persists..I updated with 7.1.1 Nougat and clear all cache file, switch to safe mode...without success... same issue of overheating in a few minutes (too much hot)...Any one can help please!!

  • Anonymous

4 years and still rocks, changed the battery and ez holds up for end of the day, hope it will last me for a 2 years more


don't down the percentage of charge below 40% Battery has been good

  • yuddiesalliyan

classic design and until 2020 I still use it for business purposes on chatting applications, sending and receiving emails, internet entertainment, mp3 players & lightweight games.

  • Anonymous

Bushwhacker, 16 Feb 2020Updated to Nougat, and still works great after 4 years. I j... moreI replace the battery and the phone is new again!!

Indeed, even you can flash custom ROM and its even more greater than it is already. My suggestion -

  • Bushwhacker

Updated to Nougat, and still works great after 4 years. I just wonder why it wont charge up to 100% anymore. Maybe it needs a new battery. Anyone have this problem?