Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)

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as of 2024, don't buy it anymore.
Chrome can load only one tab, and if you switch to another then it restarts page on another page.
Didn't had much luck with other browsers either, on Opera it can have 3-4 tabs, before it start slowing down.
And when it clears RAM, it needs to load page on browser, it closes your other apps.

Also encountered issues with random lags, I suspect it's OneUI skin issue, as samsung historically had issues with performance due to it's custom skin they apply.

So, not good for 2024 anymore. Will random lag, even if you don't actively use any apps, just because you have some apps, and you're easily fill up internal memory due to apps taking 400 Mb these days...

So it quickly get to 15.5 Gb memory, with few apps, and filled up memory slows phone on random lags even more...

    Mo, 07 Feb 2024Did you find solution for this restart ?phone restarts whenever the free space goes beneath 2GB. Solution:
    - disable all unused factory apps
    - transfer subsequently installed apps to SD card
    - disable automatic updates, as during update app goes to system storage, not to SD card
    - install cache cleaner.

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      • Anonymous
      • fv8
      • 17 Feb 2024

      Anonymous, 16 Feb 2024Remove memory card . Uninstal recent applications. Don'... moreI did. But it is usually happening after updating Apps or while watching Facebook reels

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        • Anonymous
        • gpc
        • 16 Feb 2024

        Mo, 07 Feb 2024Phone keeps restarting by itself for one week now, is it be... moreRemove memory card . Uninstal recent applications. Don't allow autostart from setting.

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          • Anonymous
          • gpc
          • 16 Feb 2024

          If there is any problem in any mobile : 1.Remove memory card 2. Uninstal new applications which mobile

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            • Mo
            • fvL
            • 07 Feb 2024

            rokiroki, 27 Dec 2023reboots happened because of incompatible SD card, even thou... moreDid you find solution for this restart ?

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              • Mo
              • fvL
              • 07 Feb 2024

              Phone keeps restarting by itself for one week now, is it because of apps or something else ?
              Anyone facing the same?

                rokiroki, 14 Jul 2023I have this J5 for over the year. great photos, relatively... morereboots happened because of incompatible SD card, even though it was fast, after replacing it with another SD card it works great

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                  • Anonymous
                  • mFd
                  • 18 Oct 2023

                  Anonymous, 27 Sep 2023i bought this back in early 2018 when my HTC A9 broke and i... moreIt's a good phone, Hd camera's good battery as well

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                    • AnonD-1123158
                    • aqq
                    • 14 Oct 2023

                    this phone being upgraded to android 9 is so bad. it decreases the performance and i can see it. i have the 16GB version and the os itself takes up 10GB storage. you cant downgrade it to android 7 with odin because the bootloader is updated as well

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                      • Anonymous
                      • X3m
                      • 27 Sep 2023

                      i bought this back in early 2018 when my HTC A9 broke and i didn't have much money to buy a new phone. Coming from that piece of crap I was amazed at how good this cheap Samsung phone was; zero bugs,good battery, good software support, great thermals, reliable fingerprint reader, and it just worked with no questions asked. screen broke in late 2020 and i decided to upgrade rather than fix it but was a bit disappointed that the a71 I bought didn't give me the same experience.

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                        • Mags
                        • AJX
                        • 15 Sep 2023

                        Itserjoon , 13 May 2023I have this phone since 2017 and the performance is the sam... moreDoes this phone do apps?

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                          • Michel
                          • mt$
                          • 19 Jul 2023

                          I bought mine back in 2017 and until today, halfway through 2023 it still does what it's supposed to do, so good quality and durable hardware. The only limitation that bugs me is the 16 GB storage is a lot less than you think because a huge chunk (something like 14 GB) of it is taken up by the OS itself and the mandatory bloatware (non essential default installed apps that can't be removed) that comes with it. The storage feels constrained even if you don't keep your photos and videos on the internal storage.

                            I have this J5 for over the year.
                            great photos, relatively fast, does the job.
                            The only issue is that it randomly, once a week or two weeks, does the some kind of soft restart while it's turned on. It shuts down and turns on within thirty seconds and afterwards works ok.
                            No matter if the battery is 100% or any less, it's kind of annoying when it happens, especially if I wanna make a call. Does anyone has similar issue?

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                              • Itserjoon
                              • 0TI
                              • 13 May 2023

                              I have this phone since 2017 and the performance is the same as the first day, I have kept the J5 2017 and everything is at a high level, it still does not freeze or create screen burning and the battery is like a beast, the battery lasts a day in use and today and this is a wow Samsung

                                Just got a J5. bought it for 40 dollars.
                                Great battery life.
                                Good camera.
                                A decent phone for daily use.

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                                  • SilverTown
                                  • m5%
                                  • 22 Apr 2023

                                  Low gsm signal sensivity. Does not ring where other phones ring in the same network same location. Good strong bluetooth signal about 50m. Good battery. Quite good display in bright Sun. Stable wifi and hot spot. Only 32gb memory is a big misunderstanding.

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                                    • Kratosbeast
                                    • rv5
                                    • 12 Apr 2023

                                    Anonymous, 17 Feb 2023My favourite Man when Samsung use to make proper budget long lasting phones. Not the money pit they make now

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                                      • 3rL
                                      • 02 Apr 2023


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                                        • CF}
                                        • 17 Feb 2023

                                        Anonymous, 11 Feb 2023If its memory is 128 GB and its battery is removable 5000 m... moreMy favourite