Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)

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  • firda.rf

Been 4 years and still doing really fine, despite of the fact that it slips through my fingers quite often :')
What annoys me sometimes is just the limited internal memory, these days I have to install different meeting apps for different occasions, and it just wouldnt help. So I have to install it on my other device. Other than that, this phone is WAY TOO GREAT. One of the best I guess

  • Nick

4 years and still here. this phone doesn't dissapoint you even after that much time. it may need sooner charging but everything is working just fine. No hight temperatures and no lagging.

  • DemoMan

Served me for 3 years, and I just recently bought new phone from S series.
Full metal frame is one of the best things about this phone.
Battery is still great and can hold pretty well.
All at all, one of the best phones I ever owned, hats down Samsung, amazing job.

  • bilo

I have used this phone for 3 years. it is awesome and i still use it

  • Kujtim Zymeri

The best Device from J serie. Well done Samsung. 4 years now i bought this for my father like a bd gift and still perfect. Battery is best. Rececion also great. Camera good. Everything.

  • Bullet

I have used this phone for 3 years. it is awesome one which I have up to now.

Still great. App can crash with 2gb only but worth buy if you don't pretend much. Both cameras are nice and got 2 leds. Max. battery saver and auto adj. luminosity. 8/10

  • Egudie1

nice and smart phone ever

  • Anonymous

I used this mobile phone since Nov 2017, the best ever Samsung i had.

A mobile phone that has never been made like it before !!!!Since 2017, Samsung mobile phones have been awful.

  • Anonymous

I used device was 3 years ,so far so good
Nice camera , nice speed internet and many more
Nice design with Full metal chasing and Slim 👍

  • Rose

bamboo, 07 Apr 2021I am a J5 Pro user since March 2018, this is my 3rd-year us... moreSame here,its been 3 years using this phone so far so good. Never had any problem.

  • bamboo

I am a J5 Pro user since March 2018, this is my 3rd-year use this phone. I have the 32 GB and 3 GB RAM versions. So far this phone is fantastic, even now only basic applications that installed on this phone. Battery life also still acceptable, with medium usage it lasts around 16 - 18 hours, SOT average 4 hours.

  • GM

Just received January 2021 security update on my J5(2017)

  • Ace

I am Just My Samsung J5 Fixed Got It Very Cheap Becouse Of Password Forgot Its Costing Me £30 To Get The Reset Like New Will Post More Info In Next Few Days About This Model Many Thanks M.

  • Leen

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2020i got a big black spot on screen without any reason!! very ... moreIt's a good phone, unexpected. I experienced the spot twice due to the phone falls off quite frequently. You need to send back to the customer service, samsung centre for repairing and it will take only a day. Mine was still under warranty. They changed the LCD screen. Still using it since 2017 till now (changed the LCD screen twice), love the loud speaker, the sound, unbelievable! I used to have note 2 but the loudspeaker cannot beat this Samsung J5 pro, i wonder. Now, came out Samsung Ultra S21, planning to buy but wish if i can buy another new Samsung J5 Pro, worth the money! ;-)

  • Zisis

WY, 21 Sep 2020Flaws of this phone: 1. Will randomly go into black scree... moreI have the same.

  • Kikokinder

Im am useing this phone 2 and half years.The phone is so good,its so smooth, opening things pretty fast and stuff like that.I have the 16gb with 2gb version.Im gamer so 16gb of storage its not too good for me and i want more ram.This is very good phone for people who are not gamers so much and for people who are playing games only when they are bored.You will have small problems with the finger print after 2 and half years,the battery is doing her job, and the screen on the phone is so beautiful,the edges and stuff like that.The camera is good, 13MP on the back and 13MP selfie camera shis.The back of the phone is so beautiful.I dont know what to say more.With few words...

  • Anonymous

i got a big black spot on screen without any reason!! very bad phone!

  • Revan

Had one, used it for about 3 years and it is still functional. Great quality build, and some standard hw for mid-range phone during that time. I was very satisfied with performance, it did the job without any problems. Before that I have change about 4 phones in 1-2 years, but this one served me well and it is one of my favourit phones.