Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime

Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime

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  • Anonymous

They r releasing this phones because they lost many money on note 7 explosion...thats why tft screen.. low camera.. no sensors...and too much price

  • Moody guyy

Waiting for this update now I have used each night every handset of Samsung it's really awesome please release it soon it gives awesome look too waiting for u j5 prime.....

  • raj

Fuck it guy just 2400mah battery compare to j5 2016 3100mah......hahahaha......

  • nickname

Seriously,no gyro?come on this is 2016 not 2012...

  • AnonD-581083

Every month new set announce same specs nothing new. Now companies new feature is Standard set > Pro set > Prime set > Plus set > Burn set hahahahah ;)

Worse display,smaller display,smaller and not removable battery,same camera,same ram and everything else,bigger f on the front camera (bad for low light shots).Damm Samsung,you are getting worse and worse.Is this even supposed to be a better j5 ?

  • Md

J5 2016 is best mobile j5 prime bad battery and tft display

  • Anonymous

j5(6) must be better then...mby a bit slower processor but bigger battery +Amoled

  • Anonymous

no compass again

  • Anonymous

only 2400 mAh battery..

  • AnonD-510275

Why the battery only 2400mAh? :(

  • Mickz

If you consider fingerprint is essential, buy this. If you compare it with J5 (2015) I see no other reason.