Samsung Galaxy J6+

Samsung Galaxy J6+

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  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

No SD-card slot? Samsung Y U DO DIS?! O3O To fix this "budget device" use a cheaper LCD over OLED, use the cheaper MT6739 and for fuck sake learn to make a SD card slot! Not to mention minimum of 32GB since you people and your lame version of Android will not save apps to the SD-CARD!!! D:

  • JaCk

No card slot and snapdragon 425. Who will buy it?

J6+ or A6 ?

  • klopo21

plis samsung,this stupidity
dont buy samsung phone middle low or middle end

Gigantic bezels all around the phone.

  • OSasmatteroffact

Let me think about it... Hmm Blackberry Aurora has the same chipset and it's more than one third of the price this phone offers

That feeling when this have a better fingerprint scanner placement than their flagship. Agonic.

  • Anonymous

The biggest problem with this phone and all other inexpensive phones is that they have weak LTE modems with very weak speeds.
150 mbps ? Are you kidding me ? In areas with a weak signal and difficult buldings you will struggle more when the LTE modem is not up to date.
Qualcomm , Samsung and Huawei shouldn’t make weak modems
On a slower chips. Slower chips are ok but as long as lte modems are up to date.
I will not buy a phone with less than a gigabit modem.

  • Anonymous

Instead of J6 plus they should call it J6 minus

  • TeD

Samsung is definitely loosing its mind...worse than SD card, super low chipset, big bezel...Oppo and Huawei must be laughing very loud...

Geric.770, 18 Sep 2018This is... Dead. Seriously, Huawei Y6 2018 has SD 425 with... moreYes but it does not compare to quality build !

240 euros are you joking??? Mi 8 SE cost 270 euros and offers billion times better specs for just 30 more euros.
You mad crazy insane company muhahahaha.

  • MMM

What!!, you can get honor 8X Max with additional 10 dollars and you will get much better specifications!

This is...
Dead. Seriously, Huawei Y6 2018 has SD 425 with way cheaper price!

  • AnonD-621054

definitely floop........

  • Sahil

This doesn't have memory place super amodisplay worst phone it is only wasting your money

  • JOHN

plus no card slot sammy you going from bad to worst with your mid rangers smh

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2018Thick bezel like S7?This bezels are thinner than the s7 edge

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2018This is not a PLUS to the current J6! What is Sammy thinkin... moreMore like Samsung Galaxy J6-

  • Anonymous

This is not a PLUS to the current J6! What is Sammy thinking adding a SD425 on this phone? or prolly this is a predicted chipset... Does it still get the Exynos 7870?