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Samsung Galaxy J6

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It is great that my lockscreen displays what I like and I don’t have to search for it.

  • Nayrb

Anonymous, 21 Feb 2019Used this phone for almost 6 months, no problems although some t... moreWhat is the version of your samsung j6 now.. i have the same problem.. my bluetooth is not working..

Very special lockscreen feature. This is a very good way to know about the recent articles and news.

  • Anonymous

Used this phone for almost 6 months, no problems although some time back the Bluetooth stopped working but an update fixed the problem

  • James

Do you know how to fixed the keyboard setting of my samsung galaxy j6 2018? My keyboard has emoji where can i activate it?

  • Waqas

Maz, 23 Jan 2019Have you tried playing PUBG mobile on it? Got lagging and heat fast?Noway

  • Gary

Anonymous, 16 Feb 2019Samsung brand name is a feature ?The logo is the best feature of this phone!

  • Anonymous

Charles, 28 Jan 2019Guys Guys Guys If you need a phone thats in the mid range then ... moreSamsung brand name is a feature ?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2019I got mine today for work-related stuff. First day impressions: ... moreSo after I've used this phone at work for a bit longer; fingerprint scanner is actually really bad, no matter how many times I remove a saved fingerprint and do it all over again, it just won't work as well as I want. Samsung's UI is not that good, but at least it has gotten a bit faster than what it used to be like. The phone is also too small for me to type any kind of an email without losing my mind - not even SwiftKey can fix everything.

I can't wait to get rid of this phone. It was a cheap phone, so you are getting what that money gets you... Nothing more. I'm just not sure this was the best choice in its price range.

love my lockscreen and want to use glance more often for the images and information.

Iam use this phone month good mobile thanks Samsung

  • Chupchakchan

I have this phone a month since it was release, it's working well the first month then all of the sudden it stops charging, don't know the reason why, i send it back to be fix but it wasn't, bad phone for me, not long lasting, just like my love life "(.

  • Ranjan

When i play game on j6,the game joystick do not function properly. I found this when i was playing mlbb and next i play pubg,the same condition would appear the game joystick troll can't function properpy.
Please chect this problem.

  • Update for Samsung J

The recent update came out today and no improvements have been made whatsoever. Those using Samsung J6 please refrain from updating your devices it s causing boot loops

  • Anonymous

Maverick, 01 Feb 2019I haven't got it yet looks like a good phoneI got mine today for work-related stuff. First day impressions: Fingerprint sensor is barely usable (probably due to being so damn small to begin with, not good) compared to my own phone (Huawei Mate 9, a bit unfair comparison since this was way more expensive a few years ago..) and Samsung's UI still isn't as good as I hoped it'd be. Not exactly too slow, but... Yeah, not my cup of tea. My unit got the November patches when I started it up.

  • ANIL

Anonimous, 05 Feb 2019i want know about the audio quality on earphonesits superb as Dolby atmos sound enhancements are there & super amoled display for rich colour video effect.

  • Anonimous

i want know about the audio quality on earphones

  • vaibhav

if any missed call or message is there any option to show on display when mobile is on lock mode.

  • K Mughal

When update december security patch in pakistan?whivh auto brightness function added.any information

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2019no updates for sri lankan region since july 2018Yes me too theres no update since july update