Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)

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  • Anonymous

I have been using it for 4 years. Phone is still a great one, battery backup decreased from 2 days to 1 days, wifi signals also good, catches very long distance wifi also, also hacks most of the wps available wifi, screen has no problem as like as new, My phone is in white color so at back it catched permanent dents, only things that damaged is its earphone jack. The replacement of its headphone jack is very risky as it is attached within display so i am using bluetooth headphone nowadays. Overally all good but sometomes hangs a lot when wifi s connected and notifications arrives. Samsung phone is good if you care and for long run it is good.
I have replaced its battery with high quality battery.

  • J H

I have nothing but praise for this phone. This phone has been with me since release and only broke recently due to it being dropped. Small size and the "fat" ratio of the phone made it very very comfortable for rhythm gaming, there is also a slot for an external SD card if the 16gb isn't enough, which I don't mind. The camera was pretty great as well, clear and small image file size. If you don't mind an old phone, I would definitely recommend this.

  • Prasjeet

Used like 5 years now still is best i recommend this phone its not best but ike runs pubg in 25 fps its good enough to play

  • GGWP

I've been using this phone for 5 years and i can still run pubg smoothly
But not really smooth
I recommend this phone is really worth to buy

  • Prashanth Patrame

good product 3.5year iam used

  • Lohith

Very good phone. Im using till 4 years. No complintes

  • The boss

One of the best phones from Samsung, I bought in 2016 in Qatar and have been using for years without no issues. Still I recommend this phone to be the legendary work from the developers of the company.

  • Biswal

It's been 4 years and still working very smoothly....

  • User

Since 2016 Ive been using it. Now that its 2021 I can still play minecraft in it. Though it would heat up if played for very long.

  • Anonymous

This buddy has been through a lot. Still is okay, on/off button fell off but it still works great ngl. If yall really need phone to be strong, high quality and fast and cheap, take J7 2016. You wont be disappointed

  • Anonymous

Dr. Reecha Jha, 20 Jan 2021I bought Samsung J7 (2016) in May 2016 . Till now (2021) , ... moreExactly very nice and smooth set
After buying this set i only chnge its glass cover no thing ever to repair till now

  • Farou

Sneha, 15 Jan 2021I bought samsung galaxy j7 (2016) at may 2016 . Till now (... moreAbout 5 years of use and he still like new . Just his specifications become too old for our actual standards.
I think i will buy a new one but i will never forget this legedary phone

  • Dr. Reecha Jha

I bought Samsung J7 (2016) in May 2016 . Till now (2021) , the phone is working awesome .

  • Sneha

I bought samsung galaxy j7 (2016) at may 2016 .
Till now (2021) i'm using this phone.. no technical error.good phone

  • Joe 5

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2020Just the same i too used it for 2 years and then gave it to... moreI agree both of you 101% still great, amazing phone...

  • Ladi

Awesome phone.

  • Anas

Works good

  • Abdalrahman Alkotob

i recieved the 2018 security patch 1 september but i am already on 1 september installed with odin should i update?

  • Tseng ET4000

I use my phone since 2016 and my battery has 73 % health, says the app "AccuBattery". Despite of this "illness" I cannot feel any drawback.

  • Tseng ET4000

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2020Idk why after the latest update few weeks ago (Security pat... moreThis is where the CPU is placed. So an app might run permanently. First restart the phone. If problem occurs again, try to find out, which app is running permanently and reinstall it.