Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)

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  • Trent

U used this phone for 2 and half years then gave it to my grandma. I dont experience any major problem considering my son throw it multiple times. Performance is good as well. The only issue for me is the storage 16GB anyway it serves its purpose and my grandma still enjoying the phone.

  • MBA

I bought this phone in Israel in 2018 and after 5 months it switched of it self, from that time I feared to buy a phone with Samsung brand. I can't suggest a friend to by like that version of galaxy j 7 (2016).

  • Anonymous

It's very good and amazing mobile,
I use this mobile since 1 year,
I didn't see any problems in this set ,i really like this mobile

  • Samsung j7

I haven't got any updates after 2018
Neither software, security, nor any updates

  • Koma

Just got update 28MB , security patch level May 2020.
Model is J710MN

  • Vidu

Iam have upgraded to samsung A30 to from galaxy J7 16 Lol after one year i was downgraded to again to J7 16. New samsung devices are not representative the real samsung very disappointed about the new feature devices . Old is Gold love it more. No errors after 4 Yrs. Marvelous mobile Love J7 16

  • Anonymous

Till no any update last was november..

MA, 29 Jul 2020Could anyone please tell me if J7 2016 supports MHL (Mobile... moreNo , J7 2016 doesn't support MHL.

  • MA

Could anyone please tell me if J7 2016 supports MHL (Mobile High definition Link)?

  • Tseng ET4000

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2020Will recive next update p or Q ..?You can install LineageOS 17.1 - this is a pure Android 10 without all that samsung and microsoft stuff.


Anonymous, 23 Feb 2020It is lunched on 2016 march ,in that time this phone was a ... moreI am using Samsung A9 pro (2016) as my primary phone and Samsung Note 4 SM-910G as my secondary phone.

iamririyo, 12 May 2020i have this phone for a few years now. i am planning to upg... moreBuy Samsung A50 or A70.

  • muku

X Nemo, 07 Jun 2020Yes, I bought it in 2016. Yes, I'm on Android 8.1 still. ... morebest phone i have used.perfect condition since 2017

  • Technoob

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2020I'm very pleased with my j7 currently i experience a p... moreTry to replace your battery with a new one.

  • Anonymous

I'm very pleased with my j7 currently i experience a problem its 4 yrs old even when 80% or more it shuts down please help i love this phone hope to get a response tanx in advance best regards

  • Indian

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2020Will recive next update p or Q ..?It's 4 year old model will not receive any software updates in future, J7 2016 have to struck with 8.1 oreo

  • Anonymous

Will recive next update p or Q ..?

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2020Which country..?Croatia.

  • Anonymous

otnaaa2, 17 Jun 2020I received 40 mb update. It has March security patch.Which country..?

  • Anonymous

Care tell Q update will recive on july..nice..