Samsung Galaxy J8

Samsung Galaxy J8

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  • pissed

720p in 2018? Are you F*c*ing kidding me?

Samsung is a company full of jokes their new J series are proof of that.

  • NickTheDude

Snapdragon 450 wow samsung you rock. You could get two redmi 5 phones with same processor . Lol

  • yet!

snapdragon 450? samsung will fail.. cant compete with lower prices like xiaomi

  • Suresh

Light sensor, compass sensor cost 60% of total phone cost, that's why samsung not including these 2 sensors in Rs 18000/- phone...

  • AnonD-621054

snapdragon 450 one of the ugly processer at least SD 636 or 625 so Samsung you move very wrongggg

  • Nawawi

Why not a corner? 😐

  • AnonD-754180

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5(5Pro in India) has better specs, better design, better display, better comms technologies, better battery than this piece of crap and only cost two third the price.
Samsung did really shot themselve in the leg with this handset.

274 PPI display..
Very bad ..

  • JOHN

so this is how the new j series will look from now on hmmm not bad it would have been better if they had a 6 gb ram also but still not bad thumb up samsung:)

  • Huzaifhigh

So is this phone released only in India or worldwide?

  • Anonymous

Needs to pure Android when specs..