Samsung Galaxy K zoom

Samsung Galaxy K zoom

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  • MB

Nice Specs. What would be the price?

  • khalid

no 2k or 4k videos!


  • Jani

Weight: (200)g, (7.05oz)!!. =( No good job,Samsung!!.

  • AnonD-157644

Thickness at Camera bump was 25mm in S4 Zoom and here is 20.2mm. Major improvement including all the goodies of S4 Zoom

  • Wardz

AnonD-237024, 20 Apr 2014LOL it's a Galaxy S3 Zoom from looking at the specs sheet (exclu... moreDo you mean S4 zoom?

  • AnonD-45523

Sammy has done a good job.

perfect phone/digital camera in one.

  • AnonD-254418

6 core.

  • AnonD-237024

LOL it's a Galaxy S3 Zoom from looking at the specs sheet (excluding the camera of course); same screen size and resoultion!

mkh, 14 Apr 2014a 16 core CPU ???// unbelievable . That is awesome hexa=6

  • mkh

a 16 core CPU ???// unbelievable . That is awesome

  • Sam

I want Snapdragon 800 CPU on the LTE version with 4K video recording and bigger battery.

  • CutieJai

I hope those rumored shot of the said Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom would be for real, it looks way better than having the optical zoom like it was on the previous version. And is there really a 16gb version? I had the S4 Zoom but it's only 8gb, bought here in the Philippines. I've been watching for this one and hoping for a lighter and easy handling, and preferably the 16gb would be better.

  • Anonymous

In 3 years: Samsung 8K Zoom !


-5.5 inches
-256 gb microsd
-underwater special case
-action case (like gopro)
-belt stealth case (so pervs can keep filming them)

  • SieraZ

@BABAK are you serious? My S4 Zoom can last 2 days with light use. I took it to a festival last year - it lasted me 2 and a half days with everything switched off (just using the camera... a lot)

  • Jerry101923

Why not release a MAZ - S5 Mini Active Zoom? It'll be much more powerful than this... (although this is not bad)


the prevous one totally was good except the battery backup which was horrible and i sold mine because of this reason,
i had to charge it three times a day which was really bad for a dual core phone

  • Anonymous

it was good camera phone in android mobiles

  • veer

Well it will rock if its 12-13mm slim otherwise it will be too bulky for a 4.8 device.

  • DerAstar

well well fact that in cpu is written Hexa-Core and not Quad + Dual means that it`s true Hexa core?

  • argon

samsung sleep! GOOD NIGHT samsung !!