Samsung Galaxy Light

Samsung Galaxy Light

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  • Anonymous

copy of ....Galaxy Grand Quattro ... in new body.

  • bucha

awosame handset

  • Anonymous

SG L is besllunch easyuse 4" like iPhone 5 size hope to lunch Int'l v ersion by Samsung with OS 4.4KK and of course price is on Lighter side.

  • tetova

I canI can barely wait, this model Samsung Galaxy Light goes on sale for Europe market, trust I have to be happy :)


  • AnonD-142633

AnonD-132351, 17 Oct 2013The real S3 mini :)Maybe S3 micro

  • Patrick

why android 4.0 ?????

  • rajib

very nice creation

  • azu


  • AnonD-197139

Wrong 4.0 Ics......
It's runing 4.2.2 android jb.....

  • AnonD-168203

Hate this device.. Cheap quad core processor, ice cream sandwich, cheap plastic, bad design, etc...

  • Anonymous

Its actually 4.2.2

  • YO

This SGL need to sales in world wilde

  • AnonD-132351

The real S3 mini :)

  • raheel

this mobile should be renamed as reboot... with ICS... ha hah

  • Bunty

Nice 1

  • Anonymous

What about the price ?? It seems strong and cheap ..

  • ivincent

they just want to copy sony. scratch-resistant indeed. you forget water-resistant

  • Yash

Quad core and android ICS 4.0 strange...