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Samsung Galaxy Light

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  • Fake review

Kosan, 13 Jul 2015Just wanna say this thing has excellent audio quality due t... moreOk samsung

  • Sean

Joe Schmoe, 05 Nov 2015You may have subjected your phone to moisture in the bathr... moreThat’s the BS answer T mobile says to hide the fact it’s a lemon

  • kobalt1963

I originally bought and used this phone, then gave it to my wife. She used it for a few years, then I gave her an upgrade, but I have it again and using the original battery!

It's a cute lil' budget phone from back in the day.

  • damialoid

Augustus, 26 Sep 2017my sgh-t399 is too slow and when you put it on it will only... moredid you find a solution?

  • Vic

Can I use 2600mAh Battery for Samsung Galaxy Exhibit SGH - T599N MetroPCS for my
Sumsung SGH - T399N?

  • Augustus

my sgh-t399 is too slow and when you put it on it will only display the name Samsung Galaxy light SGH-T399 and will never come on. what is wrong and how can I get it to work.

  • Anonymous

Phone Security, 25 May 2017Sarah, by simply turning off your phone OR disabling ALL ap... moreActually you really dont know what youre talking about because you obviously havent been in high school recently based on your opinion of the sgl because we in fact need it at school to take pictures of notes, taking online quizes, recieving reminders in the form of text messages, etc.. And i literally have closed out EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY APPS, set it to the lowest brightness, and put it on silent and it still dies before i even reach the last period of the day. This phone is beyond inferior to the technologies we have today and is a shit phone. There is no other way to describe it

  • Phone Security

sarah, 30 Mar 2017my sgl's battery dies too quickly. I start school at like 7... moreSarah, by simply turning off your phone OR disabling ALL apps you don't absolutely need while at school including Facebook, Snap Chat, etc., etc., not only will you be more productive at school (the reason we all attend school) but as a bonus, your phone battery will work just fine when school is out. When you either turn your phone back on OR when you re-enable the power hungry apps mentioned above, anything you MIGHT have missed will show up when you actually need them... after school.

  • sarah

my sgl's battery dies too quickly. I start school at like 7:30ish and come home at 5. I have no way of texting anyone how I am getting home because it is always dead. in addition, the filters on snapchat don't work and those are really important to me so, yeah. please, anyone else having these issues or solved them help me.

  • AnonD-652281

Did some one sent a signal to my phone and knock o while using the What Apps feature or programme?

How can i get this fixed?

  • AnonD-652281

i was just starting to use the phone in a conversation using the what apps when the phone buzzed and then when dead ,
i have been placing it on the charger and all it is showing is the, battery as nearly charged but the phone screen remains black and would no activate,

is my phone dead or can it be reactivated? what cause this problem in the first place?

  • CJ

Sparxo, 15 Jul 2016This phone absolutely fucking sucks. I'm actually typing th... moreMy Samsung Galaxy light is overheating often and can't charge when it gets too hot. What did you do to solve the problem. What causing the overheating? Thanks for speaking your mind and have a good day.

Love,light and peace,

  • AnonD-628808

I cant use my phone on texting and calling even if i have load,cant use internet unless i have wifi,i donth think it cant read my sim network cause it display on the menu if its smart sun or globe...a friend of mine told me maybe signal is the prob,what am i going to do?when i register it it shows cannot register to network,when i try to call it shows no network found,and every minute theres a popup shows cannot able to process wait until network found...i cant even move my apps to my memory card,when i take pictures and try to move it on my memory it shows unable to move,it really sucks,help me what to do please...

  • Zz

My cell don't ring and I don't get text messages only if i'm talking on the cell, been dealing with this for 11 days now. Really need help.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2015It's pretty decent phone for the price. The major issue -... moreyou can flash Android 5 to the phone using Odin. I did it and it is debloated, has 6gb of space available, and it runs pretty fast (i can run GTA: San Andreas with no problems)

  • bob

B mans, 01 Mar 2016my uncle sent me a SAMSUNG galaxy from USA. I am in sierra ... moreIt seems that the phone he sent to you is locked to only use a certain cell provider. You are going to have to buy an unlock pin, which will let you use any provider.

  • Sparxo

This phone absolutely fucking sucks. I'm actually typing this from my SGL and had to retype 8 words already because of the cramped keyboard. I've had freezing problems, overheaying problems and they're so bad that my phone heated up to 154.7°F and this is very bad for VR. I wasted $200 on a VR Box VR headset and since it doesn't have a gyroscope, it just stays there. So, DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE

  • AnonD-518124

That Phone is a Contraption big contraption i had this contraption yes samsung has their sucky phone with a sucky design and an outdated OS this is a Contraption that no body likes it looks like a clone of that S3 like what are they are thinking of making a Contraption phone with a terrible lag resolution when playing a game especially EMULATORS i cant play it confortably and is very slower i know 1.4 GHz but slower than the LG 1.2 GHz dang you Samsung This phone has a very disgusting feeling that awful feel of that contraption outdated machine. Good thing i abandoned now its sitting there stuck with the metro PCS logo with no start ups this is the most buggiest android machine that i wver owned this is served as a temporary android contraption. This Horrible contraption is laggy buggier and very slow plus its very outdated come on are they any updated OS already Samsung must update their Horrible Contraptions.

  • Piotr

B mans, 01 Mar 2016my uncle sent me a SAMSUNG galaxy from USA. I am in sierra ... moreyou have simlocked phone.