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Samsung Galaxy Light

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  • B mans

teffa, 21 Dec 2015My galaxy was really well when I left Arequipa to cothauasi... moremy uncle sent me a SAMSUNG galaxy from USA. I am in sierra Leone. when i inserted a Sim card, the are asking me fo sim network unlock pin. what is the sim network unlock pin?

  • AnonD-505326

I got one last month and it works perfect!!! It's a great phone, nice size and weight. Runs fast... Recommended.

  • Anonymous

The phone works fine. It does what I need it to do. It's a great "phone" (clear and loud if needed)
Everything else is go as well. I would recommend it to anybody that wants a decent smartphone.

  • teffa

My galaxy was really well when I left Arequipa to cothauasi, after staying a day or two was crashing the net, and my chip no longer worked, because this already failing or recognize the chip and says not registered to the network, I can do?.

  • Anonymous

My Galaxy lite has delayed messages. I may get messages 2-4 days later and sometimes they duplicate. Most times, my sent messages fail. What's the problem?

  • MrJohnson

You get what you pay for. Unfortunately, I paid for two of these. That means that I have experienced every problem posted twice. This phone is aweful, and the fake posts here really stick out.

  • pooh bag jim

SOOOOOOOO SLOW M8 my turtle is faster than this phone

  • Fresno Joe

Anonymous, 01 Apr 2015Its nice looking but i have only two apps go keyboard and s... moreDelete your Subway Surfer because it runs in the background very hard. Also, delete the files that you don't need. Turn off the app that you don't use by pressing the home button for about 3 seconds, then select the bottom right button.

  • Fresno Joe

For those that complain the battery drains fast or the cell phone runs slow. Do the following:
1. Stop running multiple apps at the same time by pressing the home button and select the right bottom on the screen.
2. Force stop the apps the constantly running in the back ground by selecting setting->More->Storage->Used Space->applications.
3. Turn off the Wifi, GPS, Blue tooth and Sync when you don't need them.
4. Turn on Power Saving.
5. Move the video, music, pictures and personal files to Micor-Sd cards
6. Delete Cached data and advertisement data

After all these work, you will free up a lot of Device Storage, CPU work load and Ram work load, which in turn, use a lot less battery juice.

  • Anonymous

Worst phone I ever owned! I HATE this phone. This phone automatically sent several of my contacts to a text spam folder and I was unable to receive text messages from them for over a month until someone finally figured it out. Now that that is "fixed" I can't upload any photos. This phone is a total P.O.S.

  • motherof2angels

Having a hard time trying to figure out the input password for call barring. I have a toddler that doesn't always sleep through the night that loves to get mommy's phone and call people between 12 and 2 in the early mornings. So I want to turn off outgoing calls at night that way she doesn't bother anyone. Yes I know I can put a lock on my phone but she has locked me out of my phone and I have had to reset it a few times. So if anyone knows how I can figure out the input password please let me know. Thank you

  • Joe Schmoe

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2015my phone does not want to turn on, i dont know what happend... moreYou may have subjected your phone to moisture in the bathroom while showering. Steam or high humidity will enter and damage the phone.

  • Dude McGee

I had this phone for a while. It was cheap and effective. I had no issues with battery. My kids would draw on it and I'd use it normally. I'd recharge it at night and I was all good. You can't bury it with apps that are constantly running in the background since it has low ram (in comparison to newer models) but that is user error, not the phone. If you want to run it like a flagship phone, buy one. If you need a cost effective phone that works and has some perks compared to its price range with a really dated camera then this is perfect.

  • Anonymous

It's pretty decent phone for the price. The major issue - either OS cannot be upgrades to more recent one (Jelly Bean is quite obsolete now), or simply Samsung does not bother.

  • Thor69

Mary, 26 Sep 2015Wow! I cannot belief the bad experiences with this phone, I... moreI HATE this phone.Manual sucks,hard to navigate,Runs down EVERY f'n day & that's not
even using it.My old Samsung with the Qwerty was all I needed and was only about 7 mo.
old ($80??) and Metro PCS said I had to upgrade 'cause they were no longer supporting that phone.What a crock of s**t! Not a scratch on it,worked great,so why the hell do they make you upgrade?Get the KY.Then I STILL had to pay around $30. Hell, I didn't even get kissed

  • Semi tech nerd

Had it for a year for $30 from Metro. I bought it because it was the fastest phone at that price point ATM, and its quadcore. It works well and reasonably fast if you keep its memory emptyish. Dont overload its cpu, or it will slow down like any other phone. Once I deleted all the memory hogging apps and use DU speedbooster regularly, its speed is pretty good; much faster than my old dualcore ZTE. I charge it every night, and i bought a bigger battery off the internet when the first one died. I love this phone. It does what I want it too, without too much delay. People need to take better care of their phones, then maybe they wouldnt fail so much. Idiots wanna have ten apps open at once then complain their phones are slow. Educate yourselves. This is ALMOST a galaxy S3 at a great price.

  • Anonymous

A terrible phone so slow. THis is after I have deleted everything but whatsap! My 2001 nokia 3210 was faster and probably still is!! Terrible, do not buy it!

  • Mary

Wow! I cannot belief the bad experiences with this phone, I got 2 Samsung galaxie light phones last year one for me and one for my son and, a year later still holding the battery charge good for 2 days, working just as good as my husband's iPhone 6 I even have wifi calls which my husband don't have. I enjoy netflex, Pandora, youtube, fb, emails, etc, name it. If this phone ever goes bad I will miss it so much, but, for now is all I need. The only thing I do different is that I always spend some money on a good quality phone case and a screen protector.

  • AnonD-440516

PLease somebody help me.... i am having trouble in PC to Phone connectivity.. My PC is not detecting my phone drivers are installing but still.. i have downloaded Kies too but still no solution..kies also not detecting my phone...i am from Pakistan i have bought this T-mob T399.... its working well but only the issue is that i am not able to connect it to my PC..

  • Ali

jazzmanbluesnc, 01 Sep 2015Bought my $120 Gax ln August of 2014. Battery dies very fa... moredear try s iii gt i9300 's battery it gives very good timing, im also using, only little trouble is back cover,