Samsung Galaxy M02

Samsung Galaxy M02

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  • Anonymous

does it have built in call recording feature?

  • Anonymous

Really a good phone

  • Anonymous

It's the worst worst worst Phone ever's battery problem is the greatest of them. It does not exceed it's battery level wen charged at home however u overnight also. Nd wen u visit samsung service center it starts to charge nd again it gradually decreses it's battery .nd the funny thing is it gives u the notification while charging that " slow charging attach your samsung charger came with your phone " while u had already connected to your original Samsung charger.please don't waste your money on this phone.

  • SKM

Worst phone ever used. It does not support dual app, No secret app, No secure folder, App crashing , Video disappearing etc are the great features of this phone. MO1 is much more better than this

  • aka

the worst phone i have ever used. m01 is better than this piece of $h!t

  • deva

its fake ram

  • malingam

cheap and good i am using

  • bylcom

28 mn vs 5000mah kidding ??

  • Facepalm

The apologist mentality of Samsung fanboys is fully on show here. Those that said the 28nm is justified because the M02 is cheap, here is the wake up call for you guys. The M02 is not exactly cheap, and 28nm MTK worth almost nothing nowadays. Even the 12nm MTK A22 is cheap and 10 times better, but Samsung think can get away since fanboys will defend whatever they come out with.

  • Anonymous

People don't get the sole idea behind this low spec phone, which is to serve the lowest end budget customers. They don't give a damn about higher specs they just care about having a reasonable phone at its price. If this phone doesn't meet your needs, then go save and buy a better one.

AnonD-973296, 22 Feb 2021ah yes, i see u r a person that wants a SD888 in an entry l... moreLMAO!! 😂😂

  • How

Anonymous, 19 Feb 2021For.the price it's a very decent phone. See what you g... moreHow could this better than anything??
Old entry level 28nm soc!!!
Even m01 is way better than this considering specs

6.5 " seriously😏. Please release compact phone like m01

  • Anonymous

Lmao, 22 Feb 2021Can this run Pubg? I don't think soIf you want to play pubg.. Go for m01...use gfx tool for better fps

  • Maximus

The special in this phone is MicroSD up to 1TB, just that, but I think people who buy Samsung M02 do not buy MicroSD 1TB because MicroSD 1TB is expensive, ok the design is not bad, but Infinix Hot 10 Play and Redmi 9a design still better than Samsung M02.

I hope Samsung M03 and A03 upgrade processor at least Helio G25 (12nm), and charging at least 10 watt, and please give HDR

  • Lmao

Can this run Pubg? I don't think so

  • AnonD-973296

Ubuntu , 20 Feb 2021Shame on Samsung for oldest CPU.Really slow phoneah yes, i see u r a person that wants a SD888 in an entry level phone

  • Ubuntu

Shame on Samsung for oldest CPU.Really slow phone

  • Noe

Why bother M02 5000mAh/28nm
. .if A10s still better 4000mAh/12nm

Really Samsung , you returned day of hanging phone . It will hurt more and more market