Samsung Galaxy M11

Samsung Galaxy M11

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Seems to be nice, what's the price range?

Pls tft is better than ips lcd in a shade for selfie. Its better even than amoled in a shadowed places, not dark places, only shadowed, like in a shade of some building. Amoled is for an open light places. In a shade amoled shows pictures warmed with some orange colours.

YUKI93, 07 Apr 2020TFT display? Like... seriously?PLS is similar to IPS.

  • KFC99

Anonymous, 04 Apr 2020This phone was a parody version of Samsung Galaxy A11Moreover like a renewal of the j7 prime

  • madon

its similar like samsung a20s..

TFT display? Like... seriously?

  • Anonymous

This phone was a parody version of Samsung Galaxy A11

  • anonymous

Isaam Ali, 01 Apr 2020M10s had a Super AMOLED screen, better Chipset and Bluetoot... moreit's actually an upgrade from the base model, not so much the s version. last year's base model was worse than this year's. last year's S model was better than this year's base model. when the M11s comes out in September, i'll be better than last year's m10s

M10s had a Super AMOLED screen, better Chipset and Bluetooth 5.0
This looks like a downgrade

  • Indian

Anonim, 31 Mar 2020IPS display it's new model TFT PLS it's another version of... morePLS also same like IPS Display but cheaper too they have already used PLS Display in Galaxy M20 which is Successful. Better wait for Full review M11 will not Disappoint u.

  • anonymous

In case you're wondering, this phone will probably end up being about $129.99. other than that, i really want this phone,it has everything i need in a phone: a decent battery (my current phone lasts 5 mins on a single charge and drains so fast i have to be in low power mode for it to actually start to fill up. then again, it's an old IPhone 5s), i also need reliability and decent power (i'm a gamer), and i need it to be reliable, yet affordable. this phone probably has all the basic needs.

  • Anonim

Indian, 31 Mar 2020It's IPS Display not Tft. IPS display it's new model TFT
PLS it's another version of IPS they said

  • Indian

Anil, 30 Mar 2020TFT display what a bed news , ,,,It's IPS Display not Tft.

  • Celest

too slow cpu and shameful internal 32gb and old school display :)

Slow and a GARBAGE display.

  • Clue

Jase, 29 Mar 2020Why the hell is this phone talking so long to be released a... morewhy? disruption of manufacturing, trade, travel and life in general... on a global scale by a pandemic called coronavirus. that's why.

i still prefer Redmi 8 to this
just bcuz of lower size Redmi 8 have
156mm VS 161mm

add these too
Wireless fm radio + Compass + Infrared port + Splash resistant + CGG5

  • Anil

TFT display what a bed news , ,,,

  • An

Oh look, another phablet

  • Indian

We need 6.7 or 7inch Display now.