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Attila72, 30 Mar 2021Open the Samsung keyboard and press the 3 dots at the top r... moreI don't know about Samsung Keyboard. I was telling that I use GBoard which has the option

Siddhant Pandey, 30 Mar 2021Use gboardOpen the Samsung keyboard and press the 3 dots at the top right. The clipboard function has been integrated into the 4-way cursor controller.

Tolu, 13 Jul 2020Help anyone......I Can't find the clipboard....I can o... moreUse gboard

  • Leb

Please help me with gcam for m11

Elvis, 20 Mar 2021is phone good for heavy games?yes

  • Elvis

is phone good for heavy games?

  • anonimmm

Hk, 28 Feb 2021Are you still using the phone how is your experience?Buy something better if you can, camera is not that good. Also its not amoled display.
Pros are battery life, fast charging and good everyday use if we exclude the camera quality

  • MD Habib

Samsung galaxy m11 nice phone.....

  • Hk

Jeff, 28 Jun 2020I bought it yesterday.. So far so good.. Picture is clear..... moreAre you still using the phone how is your experience?

- Native call recording on Samsung M11 without root and FW replacement. -
1. Save everything because the phone will clear all the internal storage. Use the Smart Switch and save everything to a USB drive.
1. Install Google Phone Dialer from Playstore ( 104524558)
2. Turn off the phone and remove the SIM card.
3. Turn on your phone and launch the Google Dialer application.
4. Enter this code in the dialer: *#*#27262826#*#*
5. The preconfig application is loaded with the selectable region codes. You need to choose one of the following because it is legal to record audio in these regions. Recommended: THL - Thailand. I chose Egypt, it works too.
Bangladesh (BNG)
Thailand (CAM/MYM/THL)
Egypt (EGY)
Israel (ILO)
India (INS)
Laos (LAO)
Libya (LYS)
Nepal (NPL)
Sri Lanka (SLK)
Allergy (TMC/WTL)
Tunisia (TUN)
Vietnam (XXV)
6. After selecting, click the Install button below. If I remember correctly here you are still asking exactly what you want to change (point of sale, region codes 1 and 2). I chose the top (it changes everything). The phone restarts and clears all internal storage. Don't panic, it will take a while.
7. After loading, select a language. I did the post-boot setup. I turned on wifi and set up a Google account. Then I turned off the phone, put the SIM card back in, and turned on the phone.
8. I then installed Smart Swtich and restored the backup from the USB drive with it.
The call recording menu has finally appeared in Samsung Phone Dialer. I tseted, working fine.
Accounts (Samsung, Facebook, Messenger, Google, Telegram, etc.) could be set up again without any problems. The Samsung software update does not indicate an error, after checking for an update it says that I currently have the latest firmware version.
In short, everything works the way it did before the region changed, plus call recording is now available.

AnonD-973296, 05 Feb 2021this is gcam 7.3.021 beta and it has been tested on the Sna... moreApparently Snapdragon 450 doesn't have 4k recording

  • AnonD-973296

Hk, 26 Feb 2021Will the link also work on A11?

this is an apk for the latest gcam for samsung A11, A21, A31, A41. it bring HDR+, Night Sight, motion photos, panoramas and more. it might work on M11 since A11 and M11 are the same phone. i can guarantee it will work tho so just to be safe, use the link i provided above


  • Hk

AnonD-973296, 05 Feb 2021this is gcam 7.3.021 beta and it has been tested on the Sna... moreWill the link also work on A11?

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2021How to install gcam ??
Just old (arm32 bit) version is supported.

  • Anonymous

luthfia, 25 Sep 2020how can we install gcam in this phone?How to install gcam ??

  • Anonymous

where i get on prices sam for m11

  • Anonymous

AnonD-973296, 19 Feb 2021it has USB-C 2.0Wth i have this phone and it usb3.0 and fast charging

  • Amad

Please help with a link a working gcam for m11 or a very nice camera. The default camera is not worth taking photos

Lebb, 20 Feb 2021My Galaxy m11 is on but it is not showing any thing, no dis... moreTry this:
1. In the first step hold down Volume Down and Power keys for a few seconds.
2. If the screen goes dark push Volume Up + Power button for a short while.
3. Let go of all keys when you see the SAMSUNG Galaxy M11 logo. The Recovery mode will be soon.
4. Now choose Wipe Chace partition. Use Volume buttons to scroll down and the Power key to accept it. Deleting a cache partition does not result in data loss.
5. At the end choose Reboot system now by using the Power button.

If it doesn't help, try this:
Do it again, but in step 4: Then select Factory data reset from the menu and click the Power button
Hard Reset will erase all of your data.


  • Lebb

My Galaxy m11 is on but it is not showing any thing, no display but is on please I need help,