Samsung Galaxy M21

Samsung Galaxy M21

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  • Chintu

Can I charge other phone from this mobile
I mean, does it supports reverse charging to another mobile
Thanks in advance

@Dcruze. I guess never. Or only in 4/64 variant.

When will it be available in europe(france)?

  • Greeko

Must have nfc

  • Goku

What about network is there any issues?

  • Ninjja

M21 is very good but when he come to evrope

  • Abhishek

Anonymous, 05 Apr 2020Does it have separate microsd slot?Yes

  • Antony

Lex vixon , 04 Mar 2020Yeah what's the difference between this and the M30sThe main difference is Android latest version. M21 is Andriod 10 and M30s is Andriod 9

When is Samsung M21 going to be available in Africa, Nigeria to be precise?

  • Anonymous

Does it have separate microsd slot?

  • Rakib

AxSamet, 03 Apr 2020Actually Samsung's a lot of phones supports to 60 fps video... moreVery good phone.I think but so happy phone.u are shope now the smart phone,yes m21 phone is the big buttary 6000mah. ok thanks

  • Anonymous

I have a phone cooler accessory. If i use it on this phone for gaming, will it be a good experience?

  • AxSamet

Alpha Grapher, 18 Mar 2020The main things they have to change is their processor they... moreActually Samsung's a lot of phones supports to 60 fps video recording. Already you can see in slow motion video. If do you open the slow mo, camera starting recording 60fps video. So, the supports to slow motions phones has 60 fps recording.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Apr 2020Depends on the game setting broWhat game settings are you talking about? Aren't smooth and extreme the game settings of pubgm? Lol

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Apr 2020Are the YouTube videos about this phone being able to play ... moreDepends on the game setting bro

  • Anonymous

Are the YouTube videos about this phone being able to play pubg mobile at smooth and extreme fps really true?

  • Anonymous

Does this mobile have the built in option to record phone calls? thanks in advance for your reply.

  • Anonymous

Simjay, 26 Mar 2020It's not cheap at all ..... the phone is currently set at $... morehow much price in Bangladesh. when release in bangladesh

Anonymous, 28 Mar 2020What better options?! Keep in mind this phone will receive... moresome Redmi Note which doesn't have AMOLED shit with low frequency PWM

  • Anonymous

I don't see anyone selling this or m31 on AliExpress. Would love to buy this instead of m30s