Samsung Galaxy M30s

Samsung Galaxy M30s

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  • priyesh

sudha, 09 Sep 2021I bought this mobile 18 months before. Suddenly my phone go... morefaced the same issue 3 days back on 12th september while phone was charging.

  • pandu

is duel volte support

  • sudha

I bought this mobile 18 months before. Suddenly my phone got frozen, Samsung service center says motherboard issue.... and its costing 8000 for change of motherboard. They told this is a failure model. Worst experience from SAMSUNG. Please don't buy....

  • Anonymous

Its cheap its worth buying if are going to change your phone in 2 yrs or 3 max otherwise there are better options its camera is allright but for gaming it is a lower level phone camera wise midrange daily use midrange battery is way above average its more than many flagship phones but it gets slower with every update there are glitches with the screen playstore dosent work right while downloading large appliations like games etc. It has the age old samsung bug which makes it restart on low ram instead of closing unused apps. It also closes the app u are using istead of the one in the background to reduce ram usage

  • Sunil

My Samsung M30s phones mother board is failed after 18 months,after taken to the service center says you have replace mother board and it will cost 8500 rupees, this phone model is a failure.

  • Nirmal

Motherboard failure issue!

I looked like a good phone for the price but not worth it in the long run. My device motherboard failed after 1 year 3 months. There was no physical damage of any kind. Seems like there is some problem with either exynos 9611 or the motherboard for m30s phones.

  • Anonymous

Very much hanging problem.

  • sahwan mohd

same problem in samsung m30s im facing same issue

  • Kirubakaran

Mahesh Tripathi , 14 Jul 2021Same problem with my m 30 s , after updating android 11 con... moreM30s is the Worst mobile By samsung auto restart and freeze problem after update totally samsung waste mobile

  • Anonymous

somdeb, 17 Aug 2021i am also facing the restart problem for last few months, i... moreCheck auto restart option

  • somdeb

i am also facing the restart problem for last few months, its not regularly but after two or three day its happens. what should i do ....

  • Duryodhan

LakshmiSrinivasan, 14 Aug 2021Suddenly my phone got frozen, Samsung service center says m... moreThe issue faced after update?
Please let me know bro. I'm also worried about the same happening to my M30s, one and only phone..

  • LakshmiSrinivasan

Suddenly my phone got frozen, Samsung service center says mother board issue.... and its costing 8000 for change of mother board

  • Duryodhan

I bought this phone second hand in good condition and been using since more than a month. 1. So far so good but I'm afraid after all the comments about restart issues faced by many. I advise please do not update the software. I honestly don't have money to buy a new phone so I'll use this phone for as long as possible..

  • Anonymous

I have bought it 1 year 2 months ago.. The phone was performing very well. I had no issues with it. But suddenly froze and was stuck in Samsung M30s logo. I tried various ways to open it but it... service center told me to change the motherboard cost is 7400. What will I do?

arun2006th, 04 Aug 2021I was using M30s for the past 1 year without any major issu... moreMany users including me started facing Restarting Problem after June Update before it was working good . Similar problem occured in Mi A3 , Xiaomi repaired phone for free of cost even if it's out of warranty . Samsung should also fix the problem by sending Update which fix issue or if it's hardware problem then An Update from samsung had done that so it's fault of Samsung . Everyone Raise Issue ! On everywhere together .
Twitter - yShreyansh8

Kenyan Boy Child , 09 Aug 2021I was able to reset my phone back to factory settings that&... moreDoes you Factory Reset your phone ? And Restarting issue gone ? I also did but after sometime it again starts to Restart . Samsung should fix the problem ASAP because this problem is started after June Update and this is done intentionally because Restarting problem occur when Power Ic get damaged but An Issue in hardware can't occur at same time after Just an Upgrade , If our power Ic is had gone damaged then Samsung had done it and they should fix it For Free of Cost or If it's possible to fix issue with an software update then send it @Samsung .

  • Kenyan Boy Child

I was able to reset my phone back to factory settings that's after taking a backup of my data. I can now see it's working well without any restart issues.

  • Anonymous

Hi, has anyone been able to reset their phone back to factory settings in order to solve this issue on the phone restarting itself?. I am trying but to no avail.

  • MatthewI632

Ameenu, 03 Aug 2021I learned that most people who complain about M30s issues a... moreNo, I also faced automatic restart issues, yet I'm not from India.