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Samsung Galaxy M30s

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  • Tinny

Anonymous, 10 Feb 2021I have been using m30s as my daily device for a while now, ... moreWait till its motherboard dies buddy

  • Tinny

Ameenu, 26 Apr 2021I'm conducting a survey related to motherboard issues... moreYes, i experienced slow charging 6days prior to the motherboard death. But i the charging rate became normal on its own after a couple of days.
No ,to all other options

  • TL

Hi, noticed that phone system is taking 15gb of storage, huge in my opinion, is it same for you users? thanks

  • MatthewI632

For those who experiences automatic freezing and restart issues with Samsung Galaxy M30s, please read the following thread:
Thank you for your attention.

  • Anonymous

My Samsung M30s mobile hanging after software update , service centre, customer care, nobody solve the issue , they said replace mother board cost of 8000/-.wonderful trick of samsung to improve the business. So please don't buy SAMSUMG mobiles, tv's

Any tricks on how to completely block andriod update notification on this device. It is really annoying.

  • Rahul

Vinay, 29 May 2021Please don't buy the phone. It seemed good according t... moreAny solution for that? please help me

  • Vipul

Nazia, 04 Mar 2021Worst phone. Used it for 1.5yr and it got struck. When I vi... moreSame problem...

  • Kph

Sandy, 30 May 2021One of the worst piece ever. i bough it when it got launche... moreI had been faced on this same problem.

  • Sandy

One of the worst piece ever. i bough it when it got launched after a year it started lagging and reboot automatically and one day all of a sudden it got stuck and only logo is displaying when I'm switching on. i taken to care and they told mother board went off and it cost 9000/- INR so I just kept it aside not even 1/- Rupees resale value. One of the worst and last experience with this. Now I'm going to stop everyone from buying these brand mobiles.

  • Vinay

Please don't buy the phone. It seemed good according to the reserch i did and finally bought it. Now after a year, it is getting freezed and keeps on auto restarting every minute. This problem is widely seen on this device. The phone sucks. Samsung sucks.

Many people are saying that they are facing restarts and lags after upgrading to One UI 3.0. however my father is using this phone and it has One UI 3.0 but he haven't faced any such issues. It'll suggest you guys to reinstall the firmware using ODIN.

  • liswil

Hopeless device, please never buy any Samsung gadget. Being a customer of samsung M30s , I genuinely advice you not to buy it. Just over a year of use, the device gets hung often and then keeps on auto restarting. Even their customer support is useless and I have seen the same issue being reported by so many m30s users. The authorised service center also cant address the issues. Why dont they pulloff the product from the market and compensate the customers. Samsung should stop cheating the customers by admitting that their product is faulty. Even my Samsung Frost free Refrigerator is having a lot of issues after two years of use.

  • Anonymous

After new update, dial from sim 1 or sim 2 buttons are gone. Now calling takes 2 clicks instead of 1. How to revert back if anyone can help?

  • NamanWarzones

Man! What an exception device. Keeping some minor issues faced aside, this is one hell of an flagship killer inspite being none.
Gorgeous Display... Super Gorgeous
Apt Processor with most of the heavy game titles played well
No issues of overheating! Slow Charging but well in $500 what one should expect?
Easily one of the gamechangers of Samsung! The recent models are just refreshes with up to date processors and cameras. Can easily last for 8+ years given 5G is not a problem..

I suggest samsung should do something with the andriod 11 update for M series. The software is having serious issues and it is of no importance. I have updated to andriod 10 since december and my phone is working perfectly without any issues. I have recieved andriod 11 on February but i ignore it because of the update problem.

  • Jay Raj

Facing auto restarting problem exactly after updating the software.....
SAMSUNG becoming day by day worst brand

  • kalpana

i am also facing restart issue in Android version 11

Nirupa S Mogili, 29 Apr 2021I purchased Samsung Galaxy M30S via their online portal in ... moreI had faced board issue and now my mobile complete dead. Even not charging.
As above mentioned survey... I purchased from samsung online market. Means a perfect product from its mother hand. Not used any heavy application even a single game. Not used any other charger even a single time. Not charged continues or i charged after 30% and removing charger only after it make full. Means clear usages as per following their rules.

First 5..6 months worked normal, then started continues restart. But sometimes it work when i keep device under AC or in refrigerator (sorry... I am not joking ). Now after 15 months of purchase date i put to garbage. Because from services center they said... Board complaint, better you purchase a new mobile. 16999 rupee wasted.

  • Anonymous

Really bad fingerprint