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Samsung Galaxy M30s

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did anyone experience any screen burnin yet?
is it something to worry about?
i use max brightness for 3 hours a day and the rest of the day at 30/40%.
would it burn then? and how long would it take for it to burn?

  • Dadin

Anonymous, 15 Feb 2020My phone shows charging symbol when powering on everytime. Is it... moreNo, my phone not like that

  • Dadin

I agree, best battery life 2020 and best midrange 2020 coz i use this phone

  • Onethereful

It's now 2020, yet this is still not available in Pinas.

  • Anonymous

My phone shows charging symbol when powering on everytime. Is it ok. Are your phones showing too?? Plz reply

if it falls with tempered glass screen protector would the screen break or not?

  • Anonymous

Kaushik , 12 Feb 2020Best phone mid rangnew phone and still sitting on Nov 2019 update. No Android 10 till now


Plz share its battery charging time and drain time.
and its processor.
Also, share its disadvantages in this range.


  • r07

Mbuggz, 12 Feb 2020Does this phone support USB otg....? Yes

  • Anonymous

Please suggest which one is better....Samsung M30S or Realme X2 both with 6gb_128gb variant. Except price difference I want to know other pros or cons if any.

  • Kaushik

Best phone mid rang

  • Mbuggz

Does this phone support USB otg....?

  • Anonymous

I used to play pubg on smooth extreme setting without any lag . On HDR setting it lags. It has amazing battory life no phn till beat in terms of battory life . Using since 3 months

  • Anonymous

Note9 User, 03 Feb 2020The Samsung Galaxy M30s does not have Corning Gorilla Glass.put a tempered glass it will protect better than any gorilla or monkey glass

  • Anonymous

Note9 User, 03 Feb 2020See Samsung Android Security Updates to see how often its Curren... moreBad for a new phone

  • Raghu V

Ali.Mohamed, 08 Feb 2020for the owners of the device. how was the device during heavy u... moreThe M30s is very good in day-to-day tasks. It doesn't have as much bloatware as the A-series. What bloatware it does come with can be disabled at the time of setting up the device when you first turn on, and more can be disable once set up is complete. Sound quality isn't the best in this price range, but is more than acceptable. That combined with probably the best display in this price range means great video/movie watching experience. Chatting in Whatsapp is no issue. Facebook lags every now and then, but this is a problem with the Facebook app itself, not the M30s. I have seen Facebook app lag and crash on a flagship device (aunt's Galaxy S8+).

As for gaming: I can't comment on this much, since I game more on PC and not on phone. I recommend checking out Geekyranjit's M30s gaming video on YouTube (he does not use clickbait and gives a proper rational review on the M30s and gaming). M30s can seemingly handle PUBG on high settings with decent frame rates and little to no stutters. But the area around the fingerprint reader gets warm after a while (though the heating in this phone does not appear to be as big an issue as in A70s). I guess turning the settings down to medium would solve the heating issue a bit, and also give higher frame rates. All in all though, I haven't seem too much complaining about the M30s and heat issues.

If you want to buy M30s and use it for gaming, I highly recommend getting the version with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage. That 2 GB extra RAM does indeed make a big difference. You also have other options in the mid-range segment that might be better options for gaming. Something with Snapdragon 675 or 710 chipset would outdo M30s in gaming. And keep in mind that I say this as someone who absolutely loves the M30s.

for the owners of the device.
how was the device during heavy usage as playing pubg and chatting on messanger or WhatsApp at the same time or playing Ark Mobile.
Thanks in advance.

  • http

why samsung m30s not available in stores (offline or retail shop) in saudi arabia

  • Anonymous

Its not supporting otg on my m30s

Wow I just realized the GPU in the Exynos 9611 is slow as hell.