Samsung Galaxy M30s

Samsung Galaxy M30s

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  • Nomi

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2020Should we update new android 10?Same question

  • Anonymous

Jo Jo, 23 May 2020Does this phone have call recording? ThanksYes it does while on a call press the three dots on the top right corner you should see a record option

  • Anonymous

Should we update new android 10?

  • M N

I haven't gotten the android 10 update or any security patches since February
Living in Syria
Anyone knows what to do?

  • Kuw

Should i install new update?

  • Karthik Kesavan

Can you tell me how much is the ringdb and volumedb for this device?

  • Kuw

Hi, i did got the new update android 10.
So should update my phone to new update or should i wait.
Like anybody getting any issue after installing new update?

  • Anonymous

Does this phone will get the android 10? I mean the global version

  • Anonymous

Hey my phone automatically switched off i can't switched on what's problem i don't know... i put the charger but screen is blank.. i press volume key down and lock key but no use anyone help me

If anyone is facing frequent errors/failure to recognize fingerprint and phone keeps asking to clean the fingerprint sensor repeatedly, try this neat little trick.

I tried it and 10-12 of other uses too and it has worked wonderfully. No longer errors about fingerprint.

Trick is simple.

Clean the sensor once properly with soft cloth. Then, apply a thin plastic sticky tape above the sensor in a way that whole sensor surface is covered by plastic tape. Press gently so that tape sticks properly. Remove tape beyond sensor if you want, otherwise just leave it as it is. Just like any screen guard, make sure that tape is sticking properly and there are no air bubbles left.

That's it. Now your fingerprint sensor will work flawlessly.

One extra step you may or may not do is delete existing and re-register all fingerprints again.

  • Jo Jo

Does this phone have call recording? Thanks

Anonymous, 22 May 2020To compete with redmi and realme they do have to release mi... moreTo compete? You're joking right? They don't even seem to be trying to compete with these specs.

  • Anonymous

joe nodden, 19 May 2020Ah right time constraints. Because they just had to have th... moreTo compete with redmi and realme they do have to release mid range phone very quickly

Anyone experience random restart on this phone? How do you solve it?

hello, 19 May 2020Sometimes phone manufacturers face time constraints when ma... moreAh right time constraints. Because they just had to have the phone out no later than half a year after the previous one launched.

  • Anonymous

Can i get android 10 and one ui 2 in uk

  • hello

joe nodden, 14 May 2020Why does this have Android 9 when 10 released before this r... moreSometimes phone manufacturers face time constraints when manufacturing and launching phones. It could very well be that it was easier to keep the operating system they began developing the phone with than to potentially have software incompatibilities with their drivers introduced by an insufficiently tested operating system.

wifi Problems Network issues touch vibration button off option not show Problems solution

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Apr 2020Does samsung software have local backup and restore feature... moreYes it has called smart switch

Why does this have Android 9 when 10 released before this released.