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  • Rich

Mr.Genius.360, 25 Jan 2021Samsung Galaxy M31s was officially launched in Egypt in Aug... moreI don't think it will come to egypt

Jooohn, 22 Jan 2021When lunch in EgyptSamsung Galaxy M31s was officially launched in Egypt in August 2020. Its price is around 4,500 to 5,500 EGP.

  • Anonymous

Eric, 24 Jan 2021Worst Samsung yet!!! Phone constantly sounding notificati... moreIf you want to uninstall a app you have to hold on the app and press uninstall ot go to settings apps and find the app, to switch of notification go to settings and press apps and go to the app you want to stop notification and click on it and go down and there will be option to stop notification on that app

  • Eric

Worst Samsung yet!!! Phone constantly sounding notifications, bloatware filled.
If I cannot uninstall an app then I disable the notifications or set them to silent and yet the phone fights back with another system app that you cannot remove or disable notifications.

If this keeps up its going back for a refund.

  • Anonymous

24 dec, 13 Jan 2021I started useing this phone on 24 december no proble batter... moreAre you in Nigeria

  • Anonymous

Viki, 21 Jan 2021After using the M31s phone for almost a month and more I fo... moreI bet you never even had this phone this is the best phone i had in my life okay the plastic back is scratchable but now all phones have plastic back just buy a case

  • Anonymous

Happiness James, 22 Jan 2021I thought this phone was quad camera. GSMArena said triple camerathis phone is quad camera i have it

I had bought yesterday M31 and I didn't know about m31s
I use the mobile for take picture with the main camera most of the time
I never use it for game
And I can charge it daily

Is the difference between the M31 and M31s
Worse to bay the 80 $ dollars difference in my country

Thanks for help

  • Jooohn

When lunch in Egypt

  • Happiness James

bhn, 20 Jan 2021Battery life Endurance rating ?I thought this phone was quad camera. GSMArena said triple camera

  • Agabna

I had received new galaxy M31 I need it mainly for main camera is the camera the same our their is some difference
and I charged my phone Dailey
It worse to add more money to change it to M31S


  • Viki

After using the M31s phone for almost a month and more I found some of the points which I seriously want to share here.

1. The face recognition is not at all upto the mark. It doesn't respond quickly when I try to unlock my phone. It's definitely a big issue when I want my M31s phone to access quickly, my phone never support at the moment. Frustrated many times due to this.
2. Fingerprint sensor is also a big negative remark which used to respond good during the earlier days but gradually the response time is taking too longer to unlock my phone.
3. The body of the phone is not at all good. It looks so cheap because the back portion of the phone is totally plastic body and the scratches appear so soon and clear even if you use a high quality phone case to it within a span of 1month of usage.
4. Especially about the camera, if you are looking for a good selfie camera don't go with this phone. While taking a selfie the camera gets stucked showing a pop-up "Warning camera failed" which is definitely one of the major issues. I have seriously experienced alot of such embarassing moments due to this.
Here I have reviewed only the few negative one's because these are major issues which I found and I must say the rest of the features inside are quite good. But the price which I have afforded for this phone is too high as per features ranged phones and every feature should be perfectly good within the price range. Its not like we are giving money to the phone and he gives good features to some extent and worst features to some extent together in bonus.
I sincerely suggest that don't go blind with the brand. People go blindly with samsung I believe as I did the same. Because of branding the price of the phone is high but the features given within is not relevant to the price afforded. Seeing the unboxing videos of phone and initial reviews don't be a victim. Think wisely and go with a good one.
People now a days are in serious mindset of non Chinese. But being with this mindset just like me I went with samsung(non Chinese) affording a high price but I didn't get a good phone for this price according to me. Because with this price I can get very good and high featured phone in other brands.
I believe that brands like redmi, poco, vivo etc are born Chinese but now we have plants in India where we can get Made in India phones. And with this price range seriously a very good phone we can get and even I got as per my experience. I bought a POCO X2 phone a month ago with a lesser price than M31s and very much satisfied compared to M31s.
Once again I seriously and sincerely suggest people, think wisely and go for good one.

  • Anonymous

battery life test please

  • bhn

Battery life
Endurance rating ?

Does this phone have knox and Samsung pass ?

  • mohamad rafiq

when lunch in kirila

  • Anonymous

Yes support stereo (Dolby)
tested from aipods

  • Jean

When a samsung m31s launch in malaysia

  • osama

Hi, Guys is there a difference between the m31s International version or the Vietnam version? Which one is better?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Very bad phone bloody display not clear