Samsung Galaxy M31s

Samsung Galaxy M31s

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Will it be available in Africa just like the m11?

  • Eva

Why there is no micro SD slot , with dual SIM

  • Chetan s

Samsung Galaxy m31s all about is a good but did not supported dedicated memory card slot...

  • Someshwar

M31s will come with side-mounted fingerprint.
See the new poster in samsung website. There is a dent in the side of the power button.

  • Anonymous

Wait for M51(same day), with 7000 mah battery and Snapdragon 730!!!
Price should be below 20k INR, as A51 is just above that............

  • AnonD-937790

J G Krishnaa, 27 Jul 2020Now Samsung should leave Exynos 9611 which they are using m... moreYeah, Now they could dominate in the budget segment but still they are sticking with the old 9611 processor. Indeed the specs are amazing but 9611 is not a choice for samsung to pick..

Killing own devices A51 A71 same mix specifications this time oneplus nord take this segment

  • Anonymous

Broken display mobile, instant rejection

  • Anonymous

The paint job is amazing!. Wish it had a better chipset, it woulb have been an instant buy

  • Balraj

It's an upgrade of M31, then why there's no dedicated memory card slot?

4k videos is available then how much time will it take to reach 128 GB. Memory card slot is the must ya Samsung. Plz don't waste this phone.

  • Abhisek Sahoo

Can someone tell me whether fingerprint sensor is rear mounted or in display ?

  • Anonymous

The paint job is amazing! Wish it came with a better chipset it would have been an instant buy

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2020Samsung m31s is not is 4g handset Pointless to get a 5G phone if your country not 5G ready, for example my country 5G will only ready by 2023, so totally pointless to have a 5G phone now, by 2023 I can anyways get M34.. lol

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2020Hopefully this phone's arrival will decrease the price... moreWhy not buy iPhone since India support Donald Trump... lol

Look closely at the camera bump, Samsung is giving Apple users the L.

  • vihaan

Worst phone i have ever seen. The only way for samsung is to launch 5g.

  • Jaipal

9611? Don't like

  • Anonymous

Tech insights , 27 Jul 2020Why do they use the same old exynos 9611, which is equivale... moreBecause they can make those 9611s for next to free. Money goes to the expensive display, battery, cameras, etc. Really only gamers can care about a better processor, most users will care nothing about it.

  • Anonymous

Is it will launch in pakistan too????

Tech insights , 27 Jul 2020Why do they use the same old exynos 9611, which is equivale... moreYa. even I am also wondering why Samsung stick to still old Exynos 9611 series, when they can make M31s with 9800 series of Exynos or Snapdragon 720G or 730G an ideal for M31s powerful performance due to its Intelli camera & 4k@30fps video tasking.