Samsung Galaxy M31s

Samsung Galaxy M31s

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  • Walter2408

I'm believe the company release justo 2 or 3 smartphone every 6 confusion .. Samsung make latte smartphone the same

  • Anonymous

Once Samsung succeeded with a chipset, they will make another model with the same chipset forever and ever.

  • Anonymous

Another Garbage 9611

you just know the render is making the bezels seem tiny. No way they will be this small.

Ez marketing for scumbags

  • Parthiban

Joker, 27 Jul 2020I hope that it comes with 5gNever

  • Samsung lover

Still Samsung a51 5g and a71 5g is best in this segment

  • Anonymous

Hopefully this phone's arrival will decrease the price of previous M models. Desperately need a phone, but don't want to buy chinese phones in this current INDIA-CHINA situation. So, heavily overpriced samsung remains the only choice.

Ok.All the features it has are good..especially the battery ... but without 5G and memory card ??? NO!

  • Anonymous

Samsung m31s is not is 4g handset

  • Anonymous

Maali, 27 Jul 2020Is it 5gJust 4g support

  • Maali

Is it 5g

  • Maali

Isit 5g

  • Joker

I hope that it comes with 5g

Looks promising,the dot notch is cool on AMOLED..

  • Jp7777

They should have put snapdragon in it and price should be 15000rs

  • Nicoulas

Its clearly a Samsung a71 with a 6000 mAh

alexsmart123, 27 Jul 2020I heard it is gonna be announced on July30thYes launching on 30th July in India

I heard it is gonna be announced on July30th