Samsung Galaxy M34 5G

Samsung Galaxy M34 5G

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  • 05 Mar 2022

., 25 Feb 2022I hope it comes out in March It will not come out in march

    I totally agree with prev comment ,even on mid priced phones its kinda lame to remove ,3.5 mm for cables and memory cards ,so basically its Iphone politic what are rest of mobile industry coming on,like pay for phone and for all other adds pay also small fortune lololol its just lame,here earphones bt ones r from 100 euros and if u wanna some really worth anything they r 200+ euros... I would never buy phone without 3.5 mm jack and memory card slot , 1st I always have like security memory card and adding there pics music I wanna make lists of and play them from my memory, what bout countries where internet is lame and kinda expensive to add for stream from services what about contries that actually do not support bunch of services for streaming,what If I wanna have stuff on my non system memory but on internal memory I guess its just rulled out and thats that ...

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      • aXg
      • 25 Feb 2022

      I hope it comes out in March

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        • Aaron
        • Ab9
        • 16 Feb 2022

        surya , 31 Jan 2022 Need audio jack..... without this what is the use of ... moreWhile I do agree on principle that an audio jack is required for midrange phones. I think it is just odd to say "without it what is the use" when affordable TWS earbuds by reputable companies is becoming a thing now.

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          • Suresh
          • 7tU
          • 16 Feb 2022

          now slowly removing 3.5 audio jack in midrange phone's too

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            • kkk
            • utp
            • 14 Feb 2022

            audio jack must be added

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              • Umar
              • XWA
              • 03 Feb 2022

              At google its Release date is 20Feb 2022. I am also waiting for this Mobile phone.

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                • Pranav
                • vGc
                • 02 Feb 2022

                Please tell exact date of launch

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                  • surya
                  • uuR
                  • 31 Jan 2022

                  Need audio jack.....
                  without this what is the use of phone at present.

                    A shame they've decided to throw away the headphone jack. Adds absolutely nothing to have it removed

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                      • Revanth
                      • M31
                      • 19 Jan 2022

                      If it contains O-Notch Display, it will compete with Flagship mobiles

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                        • ak
                        • utp
                        • 17 Jan 2022

                        Samsung fan, 03 Jan 2022I think the only downsides of this phone is its lack of hea... moreyes audio jack should be

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                          • Hdr10 yes or no
                          • Dkp
                          • 15 Jan 2022

                          Anyone confirm hdr10 confirm or not

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                            • Samsung fan
                            • NXN
                            • 03 Jan 2022

                            I think the only downsides of this phone is its lack of headphone jack and snapdragon variants. Other than that, it can even compete with flagship iPhones.

                              Galaxy M finnaly back on track after looking for M32 LTE and 5G models that just looks like scavenged galaxy A

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                                • rXG
                                • 30 Dec 2021

                                Anonymous, 29 Dec 202115W? Even with 25w it takes 2hrs to fully charged, i think it's a software issue

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                                  • XT$
                                  • 29 Dec 2021

                                  I thought stereo speakers, OIS, and hdr10 support is only for galaxy A series

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                                    • X%D
                                    • 29 Dec 2021

                                    Darnos, 28 Dec 2021The problem with the Samsung midrange phones that is no fas... more15W?

                                      Back on track again...I guess

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • mVA
                                        • 29 Dec 2021

                                        Not supported Wi-Fi 6 E. 5G