Samsung Galaxy M42 5G

Samsung Galaxy M42 5G

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  • Sidharth

Does the phone have always on display feature?

  • Anonymous

720p is a real deal breaker

  • Anonymous

Tafserul alim Apon, 30 Apr 2021the worst device at this price 720p display at this price... moreNot only display

SD 750G
Under screen fingerprint scanner
AMOLED display

All are unacceptable at this price.

  • Kimee

Well, put 720p reso to this one and 48mp cam to compensate for the processor they put. Whereas M32 has 1080p reso and 64mp cam.

  • Jack r

720p screen!!!!
What is Samsung thinking

  • yuvraj

do not buy this , it has 720 p display with lower ppi 266 which is really lower go for f62

Hajime001, 30 Apr 20214.76/10 The Screen Resolution is too low 720x1600 is ba... more720p is good enough as long as screen DPI is 300 or more

750g + 720p screen
Sounds good for gaming purpose


The Screen Resolution is too low
720x1600 is bad , you even can see some image blurred.

  • Anonymous

2021 first quarter available price 180 Euro.

  • Ravunni

n206, 30 Apr 2021This is super phone. Why are you so squeamish? Are all of y... moreEven ophthalmologists want their patients to have the best possible vision (6/6). In India, patients will take the ophthalmologist to task if she/he says anything short of 6/6.

This is super phone. Why are you so squeamish? Are all of you optical experst or eye doctors? 720 p can the eye not see any difference between 1080 not great thing. Gorilla glass missing? who cares. You buy anyway screen protectors for the phones and cases as well. Many just dream about to have such phones.....

the worst device at this price
720p display at this price unacceptable

  • Anonymous

S . SUDHAKAR, 29 Apr 2021M42 is a waste model : > Useless 720p display >... moreUseless 750G


SAMOLED display

  • Anonymous

Ali Talla, 29 Apr 2021Samsung gotta be kidding with those specifications 🤣🤣 what a jokeSD750G, 5G for 180euro. I think they are kidding.

Lmao, 29 Apr 2021720 x 1600 pixels, 20:9 ratio (~266 ppi density)??? Lmao!Ayy Lmao!

  • Ravunni

Hey Samsung! I think you will have to rebadge this phone once again into ....maybe to M21s (42/2) or M14 (42/3) and price it at around 15000 INR...maybe a one or two months later, for this hardware to go off your shelves.

  • India

This phone is HD plus or FHD ?
If it's HD then this phone price is too much. Xiaomi phones are better than best compare to Samsung phones.
This 5G phone comes with Sub6 or mmWave? If it's sub6 then latest 4G Snapdragon cpu phones are better for this price range.
Xiaomi phone is allrounder and it's best for good hardware specification and good performance also.
Definitely Xiaomi will become No.1 in Asia country. We like Xiaomi.

M42 5G

Yup, like the good old days of the famous J7.