Samsung Galaxy M51

Samsung Galaxy M51

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  • Khan

Waiting it's and M31s launch in Pakistan with reasonable price.

  • Joselito

Will this phone be available and LTE functional on Tmobile in the US???
If anyone know please let me know

  • M51 Day 3 exp

Facing heating issue with 20 min usage... already disable location and put all applications to deep sleep(cann work in background)...
Pls suggest a resolution or confirm if you too are facing screen heating issue

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2020From phone finder: moreThanks

  • Anonymous

mkai47, 22 Sep 2020go for the A71.I lookes at a71 but its like 400 euro

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2020Okay I managed to fix this "issue" by myself some... moreHow to do it sir

  • Anonymous

I am using phone from past 3 days since ot arrived,its heating up with 20min pf usage be ot photo,call,web browsing ,fb or whatsapp... anybody facing same issue help me resolve or confirm back

  • M51 user

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2020 No 5G. No wifi ad and ax. Not removable battery. Not... moreGo and make phone then which supports this..I am using M51 from last 3 days and its awesome in this price range

  • Anonymous

Be nice to know WHICH LTE bands are supported. Just saying "LTE" in the specs is fair to partly worthless

  • Anonymous

Bloat, 23 Sep 2020There are some bloatwares that CANNOT BE UNINSTALLED on Sam... moreYeah, but you can disable and bury them, and with this much storage, it is far less of an issue. You could also ROOT the thing - the Samsung Police won't hunt you down for it -D

  • Jeo

Does anyone have problem with android auto? If it works I gonna buy this.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2020Does anyone have the same problem as me with this phone? I ... moreOkay I managed to fix this "issue" by myself somehow.

I changed the Unifi AP channel from "automatic" to "153/157". Afterwards, change transmit power from " VHT40" to "VHT80".

  • Bloat

Fireball XL5, 22 Sep 2020Need to know the following • Is Call recording available ... moreThere are some bloatwares that CANNOT BE UNINSTALLED on Samsung phones. Example: Facebook, Samsung Apps, Microsoft Apps and Amazon (depending on countries).

  • Anonymous

nananatsu, 23 Sep 2020what type of storage it used? ufs 2.1??? Yes.

  • nananatsu

what type of storage it used? ufs 2.1???

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2020Hey can somone recommend me a phone that is arond the 300 e... moreFrom phone finder:,42,41,31,27,1,2,3,62,43,46,69,70,71,72,17,18,19,54&sDisplayTechs=2

You can narrow down the search as needed.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2020Yes, Absolutely. Absolutely not. Available in Turkey, UAE and other countries.

  • Komix

Will be available in Canada soon?

does this phone have samsung pass?

  • Anonymous

Does anyone have the same problem as me with this phone? I have 200Mbps internet, but this M51 phone only seem to max out at 100Mbps on WiFi in all the speed test I have tried.

Is this a software bug or something? I tested the WiFi on my older galaxy S7 phone and it reaches 200Mbps without an issue...

Anyone know a solution to this problem?