Samsung Galaxy M62

Samsung Galaxy M62

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Emran, 24 Feb 2021what is the difference between M61 & F62???F62=india

  • upaparadda

Just a rebrand of F62

  • Anonymous

Jobaz, 24 Feb 2021It's ugly.....@ least if they was making the back design of rear camera
just like


i think was so much better than current location

  • Anonymous

asd.chooser, 24 Feb 2021I wish it was 5g.4G only

MineTheDays, 24 Feb 2021Hopefully it's using full one ui and not the one ui co... moreWhat is problem with One UI Core? Only secure folder or more?

Same design as Samsung F62. Like how it's only 8gb ram, also, there'a a 256GB storage option instead of only one.

It's ugly.....

A samsung galaxy f62 with less start ram and lower end storage.

  • Anonymous

Look guys, it's the a90 4G

jesven, 24 Feb 2021same design like f62, nice!Its the same mobile with different name.

I wish it was 5g.

  • Kimee

Same specs with F62. Either way, they're great. Hopefully it wont be overpriced

i really love this smartphone. i'll be wating for this.

Hopefully it's using full one ui and not the one ui core >:(

  • jesven

same design like f62, nice!

  • Emran

what is the difference between M61 & F62???