Samsung Galaxy Mega 2

Samsung Galaxy Mega 2

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  • Elle kayf
  • X}s
  • 13 Jul 2014

Its more portable than mega 6.3

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    • PhabletPhan
    • t7X
    • 03 Jul 2014

    Guys, I think this is the follow-up to the Galaxy Mega 5.8. I bbelieve there will be a higher-end model around 6.3 to 6.5 inches full hd 1080p screen with better processor but same 2gb ram and camera. I'll be waiting for that to replace my OG Galaxy Mega 6.3

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      • Anonymous
      • 3Jn
      • 03 Jul 2014

      I have the Galaxy Mega 6.3. I love the screen size and was hoping for a bigger screen size for Mega 2. I am highly disappointed that Mega 2 will be 5.9. I can't imagine myself using anything smaller than what I am using now

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        • Noodle
        • 4$v
        • 03 Jul 2014

        The phone is a mid range phone with a big screen. It is made for people who watch content on their phone.
        6.3 inches is fine, but 7 inches is better.
        720p is fine, but 1080p is better.
        With the bigger or higher pixel density screen, the phone would need a higher CPU and graphic chip, which lead to higher cost. It would be crazy to think that Samsung would push the price of their mid range phone so close to the price of their flagship phone.

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          • AnonD-83395
          • fuN
          • 01 Jul 2014

          Can we have a Samsung Galaxy Mega with resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels packed into 6.0 to 6.5 inch screen, Snapdragon 805, 3 or 4GB RAM, etc

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            • Anonymous
            • bJh
            • 01 Jul 2014

            it is better than when it comes with dual sim..

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              • hehe
              • 7Xr
              • 01 Jul 2014

              wow! i'm been waiting for this! i will save money to buy this phone!....

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                • Liv
                • tZ0
                • 01 Jul 2014

                Disappointed with new Mega 2. The cpu is quad core 1.2 GHz. A phone of 5.9" should have at least quad core 1.5GHz for midranger. You have to consider applications involved especially in the gaming area which will cause lagging. I think Samsung can do better than this for midranger.

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                  • of your choice
                  • fCx
                  • 01 Jul 2014

                  Will buy sure once it available

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                    • megalomanic14
                    • Yh1
                    • 01 Jul 2014

                    This is completely speculation with nothing more than a benchmark result, some supposed leak documents, and more speculation. This listing does nothing good or beneficial in terms of actual information regarding the alleged galaxy mega 2 so why post it as though it's fact? The screen size, specs, and even the samsung labeling have changed with the various "leaks" or "documents". Any information on this page is speculative and should be taken with a massive grain of salt as of June 29, 2014