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Samsung Galaxy Mega 2

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  • Abhishek
  • X%L
  • 30 Jan 2023

I was using this device 4 years back. Amazing in performance and display ., but currently couldn't because its display folder is broken and is not unavailable nearby me ... if anyone of could help me ... so nice of u ; )

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    • Lumina
    • IV@
    • 09 Sep 2021

    My grandmother is still using this but is due for an upgrade soon because 3G networks will be shut down this year end in Malaysia. Need a 4g phone for her now.

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      • kyle
      • I@H
      • 26 Aug 2021

      I have been using this phone since the start of my highschool (2016) Everything is normal, i love watching movies here cuz its big.

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        • Banon bini soeb
        • bJb
        • 19 Jul 2021

        zachazman, 04 Jan 20214 January 2021I still used my galaxy mega 2 for watching a ... moremy friend also had this phone,he use it till now.He very proud with his phone,be like him

          4 January 2021I still used my galaxy mega 2 for watching a movies...change the original battery..I love my mega 2..but I more love mega 6.3 bcoz can remote televison...I used before that...then I selling to my friend..He really want that fone..☺still relevan used this fone for a movies...tqsm😉

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            • Diya
            • PF9
            • 15 Dec 2020

            Will I still get batter for tgis phone. Everything is perfect (bought in 2014) except the battery.

              i bought one these Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 phones for the sole purpose of doing live streaming on the phone and when i go to Youtube and sign in under my channel and touch the camera icon on the top of Youtube page the phone only shows video or post a video does not show a live icon and Now this is a original Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 phone i checked the IEM number and everything and it comes to be original ...i do not understand this at all i have a Samsung Galaxy S8 pro made in Vietham and it has all three icon on the phone Video and Post and Live for Youtube ...i do believe Samsung messed up big time on this Phone ...just my thoughts

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                • Bookinweasel
                • s1F
                • 25 Feb 2019

                Love the screen size and speakerphone volume. It's a great bargain price phone in a world of $1k+ competitors.

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                  • Julian30
                  • ajR
                  • 30 Sep 2018

                  I got this phone just to use it as a second phone. Now I dont use it anymore, but I'm not selling it, I use it as a eBook reader, GPS in car and just in case my other phone will fail. It's great. Should change battery because it's draining fast though, but overall it's amazing. I wish I would make it run faster...

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                    • christine
                    • q8e
                    • 09 Sep 2018

                    How can I make my mega 2 just as fast s a new phone. I love my phone it is just slow...

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                      • widhie jogja
                      • t@g
                      • 27 Jun 2018

                      I've been using this phone since 2015. And still working perfectly. The cameras quality, speaker and the baterays life. All are still in its best performance.

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                        • AnonD-481823
                        • IVW
                        • 17 May 2018

                        i used this phone Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 three year seven month ago, wow battery so far so good .
                        anyone agree?

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                          • robroan
                          • r$b
                          • 26 Mar 2018

                          Rogue, 06 Mar 2017Don't know how long ago you wrote this but I have had the e... moreI had to install macrodroid app and set it to not sleep on bayyery charging and on battery disconnect. now no issues with having to take back off. but it still freezes on text messages.. takes about a minute before i can answer a text... that's f*&%ed up!!!!!!!!!!

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                            • AnonD-743731
                            • k3S
                            • 11 Mar 2018

                            Balaboy, 19 Feb 2018The front camera n flash not functioning. Can advice ? Ot... more1.Download on to your pc to save all data
                            When completed,
                            2. Plug in your USB charging cable & back up all data
                            3. Go to phone settings "backup & restore"
                            4. Restore to factory settings.
                            5. Check your camera.
                            It should work.
                            6. Then restore your data back to your phone from the pc.
                            7. You will have to organize your apps & move them to your home screen from the play store 8. & your contact preferences in settings

                            9. If you try to install a flashlight on the mega 2 it will stop your camera. The new flashlights are not compatible.

                            10. Then you will have to start again.

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                              • Balaboy
                              • vV5
                              • 19 Feb 2018

                              The front camera n flash not functioning.
                              Can advice ?
                              Other than that the phone is excellent

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                                • JasonkingJs
                                • IW9
                                • 17 Nov 2017

                                So far the phone is still working in very good condition, no problem in playing games and chatting. Camera functions also very good. Although it has been a few years since its launch, the phone still works great! Cheers!

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • tDS
                                  • 26 Sep 2017

                                  AnonD-396756, 14 Sep 2017the battery still longer lasting after 3.5 year , the batte... more4G?

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                                    • AnonD-396756
                                    • PTG
                                    • 14 Sep 2017

                                    the battery still longer lasting after 3.5 year , the battery still longer lasting than 11 hours++ after 3.5 year ,Camera capture speed same with iphone6 and same clear too, best performance in game grand theft auto san andreas with smooth,this phone used chipset exynos 4415(exynos 4)great, the exynos 4415 cpu awake efficient so that the battery save power, than the mobile data also fast 4G LTE CAT 4 150Mbps, really a good phone ever!!!!!!

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                                      • Huey
                                      • xCC
                                      • 26 Aug 2017

                                      DingDing, 04 Feb 2017I have been using this Mega 2 since December 2014. More lik... moreIve got the Mega II that i picked up brand new w no contract ($750.00) in may of 2014,. I have had the camera not available issue which is resolved with a battery pull every time, and occasional re-boots out of no where..(Google chrome is a shit browser due to memory leaks) but other than that and the home button is worn out to silver, this is by far the best phone ive ever owned. Not a scratch worth mentioning on the display (Gorilla Glass) and just a basic case saves it. 2nd battery is 6 mo old and so far no problems...dont opt for the cheap chinese ones, get OEM and youll be happy. This is by far the best phone ive ever owned.. just bought a new LG Stylo 3+ which is considerably faster, yet i still love the big display and ease of use with the mega II... sad that they did so poorly on sales, but they screwed themselves with the Galaxy mega 1, only a weak dual core cpu and while the screen was 6.3 inches, that Mega 1 was a problem from the start. Never had one that worked reliably so had to use a Note 3/4 until the Mega 2 came out. Still fast once you dump the bloatware and disable the bs apps from running as well as move the apps to the SD card. LTE is blazing fast, display is an LED backlit beauty...and unlike the previous model and the older notes, its still 90-95% as bright as it was new out of the box...the Mega 1s and note 3/4 would lose their brightness quickly (1 to 1.5 yrs they were half as bright)

                                      The biggest problem with the mega 2 from day one was getting accessories. They never made an Otterbox case for it, they had a pelican one which was 80 bucks and was garbage. Zero water protection, clip broke in a day...

                                      Would love an Octocore 1.7 ghz mega 3 with stylus, 6.2 to 6.5 AMOLED gorilla glass display, min android 7, with 64 megs and 4 megs dedicated to CPU/GPU, with face recognition, stay on, and maybe even voice or fingerprint recognition.

                                      Overall i give it a 10 of 10...3 plus years and still going strong

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                                        • AnonD-676492
                                        • sXI
                                        • 11 Jun 2017

                                        Jackfrost, 18 May 2017the battery is weak. replace with new batteryThis is true. Battery needed to be much bigger for this phone. For me with moderate daily use, 7 hours max. Not good really!