Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250

Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250

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  • Anonymous
  • 7Xd
  • 06 May 2017

Luckily, my 3-year old phone survived from huge falls. Unfortunately, the performance goes far more worse.

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    • Jorétapo
    • pnf
    • 06 May 2017

    I have been using this phone daily since 2012 (now May 2017). Hopefully, I can give you feedback here.
    Back then, Nexus phones were among the best deals performance/quality/cost available. I have to admit that it didn't age so bad even if it is now obviously a lot harder to run "heavy" apps smoothly (tends to crash most of the time). IMO, it is still a decent phone despite its outdated specs.
    I had to replace the supply circuit in 2014 (covered by guarantee) due to a micro-usb port defect. I also more recently replaced the battery for a newer and slightly larger one as the old one was hardly during a day. It is also inclined to overheat...
    But anyway, Cyanogen OS (and now Lineage OS) allows it to stay a little more in the game despite its flaws. I will certainly change in the next few months but for what it's worth I am entirely satisfied with this phone.

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      • AnonD-666246
      • 9xj
      • 01 May 2017

      I am using a Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250..... Yesterday something worng with it and it can't go to Home Screen; it just keep loading & loading.... no main menu/ home screen....please help to recover my photos or how do I restart without loosing my data???

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        • benson
        • utI
        • 23 Apr 2017

        Flukester, 28 Nov 2016Im just curious does anyone still use this phone as a daily... moreThis phone is a decend one .which satisfys all basic needs .although battery back up is works quiet well.

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          • AnonD-661861
          • vV5
          • 15 Apr 2017

          I've been using this phone since 2011 till 2017 (Precisely as a backup phone since 2015 till now) and it works wonder! It just a little problem with the system as it cannot be updated legally and will be stuck at Android4.2.1. Forever. If you have this phone, please keep it. And if any of you know where to find its casing/screen protector, please let me know. Have a nice day!

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            • AnonD-659503
            • Tpu
            • 06 Apr 2017

            Good phone, but the battery drain is insane

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              • Anonymous
              • v}Q
              • 16 Jan 2017

              This phone is really good for the time it's been made. There are a few problems, but for a phone for 2011, a really good one.

              16 GB
              Good display

              Battery life is low
              Heats up a lot

              This phone is really good if you don't want to buy a new phone. It's a very useful and luxurious phone.

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                • AnonD-629667
                • 3Z9
                • 07 Jan 2017

                how is the best when battery is going faster then f1 driver and camera is so shit...

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                  • nabin khadka
                  • 7wk
                  • 03 Jan 2017

                  100% better mobile

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                    • Anonymous
                    • wgg
                    • 28 Dec 2016

                    Same here, upgraded all the way to MM 6.0.1

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                      • Anonymous
                      • SkC
                      • 17 Dec 2016

                      Still using it as daily phone... best phone I ever had

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                        • Jyup
                        • IW@
                        • 09 Dec 2016

                        Flukester, 28 Nov 2016Im just curious does anyone still use this phone as a daily... moreHi im from philippines n ive got a question and request for samsung
                        IF my galaxy nexus Screen is broken n my battery is draining very quick where can i take it to repair/mend it???
                        And i wanted to ask for a donation here in our poor country if u have phones that you dont even use or useless please....
                        Message me in fb Yupert Maxilum so,that in this coming christmas we can share it to others who doesnt have phones yet...thank u god bless

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                          • Flukester
                          • 5Nu
                          • 28 Nov 2016

                          Im just curious does anyone still use this phone as a daily driver?
                          Im still using it as a daily driver, and its a great phone still even though i had it sense 2011.
                          i heard people have problems with random crashes, but thats just due to the phone not able to to handle what we have today. for me it works decenty well. i have been having random freezes and potentionally crashing my phone, but thats very rare "only if i turn wifi on.."
                          Otherwise i am going to be getting a new phone though in january, the s6. and the nexus will be my backup phone if something happens to the new one.

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                            • AnonD-593835
                            • d%{
                            • 05 Oct 2016

                            sam, 03 Oct 2016what are the three metalic points on the samsung nexus 2 me... moreIt's meant for the dock station.

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                              • sam
                              • N98
                              • 03 Oct 2016

                              what are the three metalic points on the samsung nexus 2 meant for?

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                                • rao
                                • rx7
                                • 27 Sep 2016

                                sid sam, 04 Sep 2016can i use 4G in this galaxy nexusI have the same mobile and when I got it verified at the Vodafone centre they said my mobile is not compatible to receive 4 G network.

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                                  • Yuan Gong
                                  • rhW
                                  • 25 Sep 2016

                                  well. it survived.

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                                    • AnonD-316934
                                    • rx7
                                    • 15 Sep 2016

                                    sid sam, 04 Sep 2016can i use 4G in this galaxy nexusNo.

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                                      • sid sam
                                      • XuZ
                                      • 04 Sep 2016

                                      can i use 4G in this galaxy nexus

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                                        • Fay
                                        • rv8
                                        • 03 Sep 2016

                                        I got it now for 5 years and i had no problem, but now the battery must be changed that's it. great phone