Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250

Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250

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kenny, 04 Mar 2021Absoulutely disgusted with your Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250 ... moreLooks like you suck at operating this phone.

  • Therockfordfiles

leart78, 02 Jul 2020actually back in the day the social media virus was not spr... moreYeah. I've used an LG Optimus L5 back in 2012 and social media wasn't that addictive. I needed the essential in my phone like the web browser, the built in music player, file manager and YouTube, that's all. It's 2021and i haven't changed my mind and that's why I don't use expensive devices because the way I use a phone is pretty much basic

My Optimus L5 in question was the first generation, 384 mb of ram, less ram than on recent KaiOs phones, had a 3.5 g network, WiFi, hotspot. It had a 3.5 inch TN display and a camera capable of 480p video. This phone also had 4gb on board storage that can be expanded. For games, I simply cannot install games due to its low ram capacity

  • kenny

Absoulutely disgusted with your Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250 going to put this on facebook and all platfoms like instagram etc your phone is hopeless and it doesnt even come on cant even reset in all it does is show the x blue red yellow and gree etc bloo

AnonD-716026, 07 Dec do you think about the phones of 2017? ;)well.. what do you think of phones from 2030?

potatoman1, 02 Jan 2018It's hilarious seeing all the people from 2011 complaining ... moreactually back in the day the social media virus was not spreaded like today and people had more time for theirselves instead of throwing their life watching a big screen and doing nothing

  • cybor jake

it is a tank compared to many of the newer phones you see today

  • aby

i used to have this one, for more than 2 years
the phone got dropped of my hands into the water and never been charged again since the time
but i have to say this was the best and purest phone I've ever had
I still love this beauty, i really miss those days i was spending happily like I'm having the best phone ever and no one can do anything to beat my phone.

  • Erwin

found it at online store for 64 usd today and will bring it home.

  • xdapro

Macbeth, 01 Jun 2018What's the latest version of Android that can run on this (... more7.1.2 on XDA.

  • Anonymous

Macbeth, 01 Jun 2018What's the latest version of Android that can run on this (... moreIt runs Nougat with only a few minor hickups. On XDA, you can find Unlegacy, Slim and more. ZeeLog provides unofficial Resurrection Remix and Lineage on his blog.
Some users prefer Marshmallow, or even Kitkat because they use less ram and maybe also have fewer bugs.

What's the latest version of Android that can run on this (by installing a custom ROM)?

  • krol

Had to change it since mine only supports CDMA, but it was still fine after over 5 years of use and abuse (I was half trying to kill it on purpose).

  • Scotto

Got mine in 2012. Still have it as a backup as I have a work phone now (iphone 6 which is average).
It's battery started to die in 2014. I bought a replacement Samsung battery however phone would still not hold charge. Just this week I would get simply 30mins with the phone in my pocket (drive to work) and without use it would go from 100% to 0%.
So I went to shop for another backup phone - the Nokia 5 this week.
I factory reset the phone and no joke, the battery use is now like new! haha.
Crazy little phone detected that I was about to chuck it and it is alive again.
I am keeping the apps to a minimum and leaving the storage as free as possible.
I like the removeable battery as it means I keep my spare as backup when travelling.
The new phones now simply don't have that except for very few.. so looks like I might keep this one until it is truly dead.

tbh - I was thinking of just going back to a simple nokia to recieve calls as the battery lasts forever on them :)

  • cro-girl

I am still using this phone and it is still perfect!
I am very sad that today's phones don't have such quality.

It's hilarious seeing all the people from 2011 complaining at how big the screen was

  • AnonD-716026

Max, 07 Oct 20114.65 INCHES???? WHAT THE HELL??? i cnn't handle even 4.2 ..... do you think about the phones of 2017? ;)

  • AnonD-716026

Very interesting phone in it's own right

  • luscios denimro

AnonD-659503, 06 Apr 2017Good phone, but the battery drain is insaneMine always heats up when am online

  • AnonD-641715

This was a great phone in it's day. The reason it never made it to the final version of Android 4.4.4, was due to the Texas Instruments CPU. TI pulled out of the mobile arm CPU market. This left Samsung/Google unable to get newer official hardware drivers. If you were to use this phone today (2017), you still have a good app selection. The main drawback is newer apps may be slow or sluggish.

  • MB

AnonD-666246, 01 May 2017I am using a Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250..... Yesterday some... moreIt happens the same to me yesterday! No idea of what's going on!