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Samsung Galaxy Note10+

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  • Suni

I loved my note 5 until it was stolen! then i got a Huawei Mate 20 Pro, love it too! Then I got a Samsung S10e, love that too! so now i want a SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE10 PLUS or iPhone 11...not sure which one to procure!

  • Noter

shegrot, 09 Dec 2019Are we saying no 9 is better than 10No, im not saying that the Note 9 is better its just how Note series phone should be with all the features included in the package,Note 10 plus is newer technology but Samsung skipped a lot of thefeatures, and remmember,always new phones are always fast , lag free and the battery.last forever,lets wait and see how it will perform after 1 year ...

  • shegrot

Are we saying no 9 is better than 10

I would say to buy the Note 10, not the Note10+. The Note10+ is just WAY TOO BIG.

exynos+mali?? wtf

  • Edron

Fix note 10+ low signal first.

  • Tester2

Big Tester, 08 Dec 2019I don't believe you have bought every model and chose to skip th... moreI did, Note 10 plus has nothing to do with the past Note series phones except the s-pen ,i have Note series phones from Note 2 ,skipped Note 5 .
I'm using Note 9 and if Samsung won't come back with real no compromise Note series phones i will leave Sammy for the other brand ,i'm not going to upgrade the phone only because its bigger ,and has better camera

  • Big Tester

JRG11, 05 Dec 2019I"m keeping my Lavender Note 9! have owned every Note since 2! ... moreI don't believe you have bought every model and chose to skip this one. Sorry but sounds like a real fib.

  • Vick

Sai, 07 Dec 2019Strong vibration from the speakers even at lower volumes. Uncomf... moreUncomfortable to hold because of sharp boxy edges. Form factor of note 9 far better.

  • Sai

Strong vibration from the speakers even at lower volumes. Uncomfortable to hold it in hand. Its very disappointing for $1000 phone

  • Anonymous

Would be weird to see Aura glow s Pen

Love this phone, its a spec beast but for the life of me I cannot understand how I only get around 2 - 2 1/2 hours screen on time. I am constantly charging my Note 10 Plus through the day because if I dont I am left with around 50% at mid-day.

Other than that, quick charge gets me back to 100% pretty quick, there are more features on this phone than what I make use of and its a solid performer for any task! Thanks Samsung, just help me fix my battery draining issue.

  • Anonymous

S10 plus price sim free £899.00. Not much cheaper then note 10 Plus which is £999.00.

  • Anonymous

S10+ is a better option imo especially at this time its 2 times cheaper than the Note10+ and its almost identical not to mention it also had a headphone jack unlike the note 10+

  • Notey

JRG11, 05 Dec 2019I"m keeping my Lavender Note 9! have owned every Note since 2! ... morelol so you believe that the Note 9 which is almost identical to the Note 8 is an upgrade, and the Note 10 plus which is completely different than any Galaxy device out there isn't ?

  • NoteGuy

I had Note 10 plus and returned it,i can't live without headphone jack...sorry no dongles ,no external dac this should be inside not in the dongle , it is the best phone ,but simple not for me,from the Note series history you can tell that only every other Note was an upgrade over the older model,looks like next Note 11 will be the real upgrade over Note 9
But again, if the rumors are real...who needs 108 mp the smarthone,for what?

  • demonia

Just upgraded my s8 plus to this, great phone in all the ways specially the screen.
Speakers are just amazing and loud.
Battery is great as a moderate user it stays 2 days with me.
Go for it and you won't regret

  • JRG11

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2019agreed, not updating, note 9 doing so well for me tooI"m keeping my Lavender Note 9! have owned every Note since 2!
This will be my first time NOT UPGRADING, because I don't believe it is an upgrade! Sure there's a few new features... but Im sorry not 1k worth! Notch? No HP jack (which I get it their all going) but it wasn't very long ago Samsung spent good $ making fun of Apple for doing exactly what they are... smh. Now they're spending $ scrubbing those commercials away lol I'm a photographer so if I want a professional photo? I take my Canon out! Although, I'm confident in my Note 9s camera to take great shots and videos. Unless I'm being paid? This phone is more then enough...I mean really people they're phones! We have lost track of what a cell phone is... now our Smartphones have made the World dumb! The irony in that, right? I use my Spen multiple times daily! So I love it, it's features etc... but I'm not into waving the pen around like a Magic Wand! Lol. Make useful features, I keep Notes, Calendar, PdFs etc... Now if the Note 11 has 120Hz refresh rate, bigger battery, 12gb, SD card, 865 No Notch to break up the beautiful screen! Then I'll drop another Grand!

  • Pie

Anonymous, 03 Dec 2019Is the adapter included with the phone, or am I sent a very expe... moreYeah it's included and people have concluded that it provides better audio than the Note 9

  • Anonymous

Snowpiercer, 01 Dec 2019hi don't waste your time replying to #### like this. very few un... moreThanks. I agree with your comment.