Samsung Galaxy Note10+

Samsung Galaxy Note10+

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  • Anonymous

Gio, 07 Jun 2019No secure face unlock. NiceThis is joke right? Cause this phone already have iris scanner

  • Anonymous

Great phone. Except for the 3.5 mm jack.

  • Samsung lover

The camera positioning looks weird asf, I was expecting them to use the S10+ horizontal style.. getting rid of the headphone jack?? That’s a no no!! That’s was part of the reason people loved Samsung. People didn’t tell it well when apple did it’s samsung is barely floating and they want to make a move like this

  • Sahib

its The Photo copy of note 9 only scren design or battry and no Audio jack it not so various frome note 9 Samsung ear buds is full of bad quality after using 1 month ear buds work like Nokia 3310 head phone so may it cant break the Note 9 record.
samsung have to change the specifications like 4800 mh batrry or new slot for SD card and 16 Megapixel cameraor more specification with Audio music

No jack?! A true Pro would pack in everything, pretty much like S10 Plus.

Thought it was gonna have exynos 9825? And the price is gonna be stupid! APPLE ALERT!

  • Anonymous

Dometalican, 07 Jun 2019The lack of headphone jack hurts but considering how beastl... moreHonestly it's probably likely that Samsung will do the galaxy buds as a pre-order bonus

  • Anonymous

GumuGumuNoMi, 07 Jun 2019No headphone jack, no buy. Goodbye Samsung.You do realize it's all rumors right? No need to get salty

No headphone jack, no buy. Goodbye Samsung.

  • Anonymous

I highly doubt Samsung is getting rid of the headphone jack with the Note 10 Pro, or any of the Note 10 phones for that matter. They'd get a ton of bad press for it and I think it's safe to say that after the Note 7 fiasco the last thing Samsung wants is bad PR.

  • Dometalican

The lack of headphone jack hurts but considering how beastly of a phone this looks with its quad camera, infinity display, bigger battery, microSD card slot, and fast charging, I might consider it as long as I get a good deal out of it (like free Bluetooth earbuds and wireless charging pad). I live in the US so I do get the Snapdragon variant out here. :)

  • Dometalican

AnonD-706668, 07 Jun 2019Huh ! Again a camera will small sensor than 1/2 inches came... moreKeep in mind, these are rumors. Remember that Samsung is designing a 48MP and a 64MP sensor so let's see if the Note 10 Pro grabs that beast of a sensor.

  • Anonymous


  • Zsomer

A recent geekbench has actually confirmed that it Will come with the e9825 instead of e9820, which should be the same except it Will be made on 7nm and thus more efficient.

  • bilalhawk

its note pro thats mean another version will be coming called note

  • Workinprogress

Probably the best phone ever

  • Anonymous

do they realise chinese smartphone have 5x optical zoom camera? and this 2x zoom on a 1k handset?

  • He

I was waiting for this thinking note 9 would drop in price, but it seems people will end up liking note 9 better and that drop in price wont happen after all. Lol

  • Anonymous

no 3,5mm port how sad

  • Gio

No secure face unlock. Nice