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Samsung Galaxy Note10

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  • Ali

I just want to say thank you GSM arena you are the best ,

  • Tom P.

Hi, I got this phone for more than a half year now. Nice display/quick/quick charge/brilliant speaker... but sometimes the fingerprint sensor makes me shout :D and battery could run out in 2-4 hrs (what I would say really really shame SAMSUNG) charging quickly though... but if I need to choose the biggest problem with the phone is the battery. Not the memory slot, not the finger print but the battery...

  • Samwan

Faiz, 10 Jan 2021It has been an year using note 10 and the battery is now ge... moreYou must've masticated the battery by spurious charging.

Hi, note 10 or s10+ which one is best?

  • AnonD-920373

This is the best Note phone ever.

  • Faiz

It has been an year using note 10 and the battery is now getting pathetic. It drains to 0% from 50% within 15 mnts sometimes in cold and when restarted it again stucks to 30 or 35%. Well I'm very much disappointed. Need to switch to apple. While huawei's performance is far better than samsung

  • Anonymous

Got android 11 stable update in india

  • Anonymous

Ed, 04 Jan 2021Hey guys. Please help me. I have had this note 10 for like ... moreIs ur phone updated to 2.5 one ui version?....and activate adaptive battery an as well as optimised option under device care battery settings...Hope this helps.

  • Ed

Hey guys. Please help me. I have had this note 10 for like a year now, and I have noticed that my battery drains fast. Any help?

  • Nero

note, 25 Dec 2020I have had the s20, its amazing and the display is great bu... moreI bought a Note10 in August/September 2019 and then got myself a S20 in April or May 2020 but I could not really "feel" it although its very nice built. I sold it after a month or so and got back to my Note10 and felt in love for it again :) Its as you has more character, display in boxy design feels more "real" than rounded.., S Pen support, cameras are basically the same, not much of a difference..and spooky enough i enjoy the buttons on the left side, i dont know why but i got used to it so the S20 felt kinda strange with the buttons on the right side. For the Note Series this left sided buttons seems just right, as you use the pen in the right hand. So Note 20 feels strange too with buttons on the right side, pen on the left..

  • jeyo

People complaining about battery life ... you have to go into the settings and set up your phone as you want to use it. If you have an iPhone with all the settings on max you will get similar results. My note 10+ battery lasts just right. If I am gaming hard and I want full power for 3 hours and I am at 20% and need to recharge. If you have your screen at max CPU and GPU then yes your phone will not last a day. I personally will NOT upgrade to the note 20 series they reduced the RAM.....that's nuts! But my phone is still going strong. I loved the Note 8 only the battery was just too limiting.

  • note

Anonymous, 30 Nov 2020Note 10 or S20 if one has to buyI have had the s20, its amazing and the display is great but its narrow, the note 10 has a better design and feels more premium and high end.

I send the s20 back and went for the note 10, the s20 is even more narrow than the s10...

  • note

nice phone, I have the note 9 and now this, its like the note 9 went on a diet but kept all the display, very nice size and less weight, 168 grams vs 200grams and battery is good too (exynos)

  • Anonymous

battery is a joke.

  • Xxx

After 1 year and 2 months using this phone, it is still butter still top notch, battery health maintained..i dont understand why people bash the exynos chip..unlike my huawei with kirin chip laggy and slow

  • Anonymous

Got december security patch here in India.....size approx 136 mb

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2020For the same price which one to buy note 10 or note 10 lite?obviously note 10. note 10 lite is missing a lot of features and lacks the optimization and support of flagships

  • AAP

RCP, 02 Dec 2020When I play audio through the internal speakers and watchin... moreyes,
it vibrates at the back panel while playing AV or Audio.

  • RCP

When I play audio through the internal speakers and watchin videos on youtube the back glass panel vibrates very much.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2020Preference on ur needs if u want that s-pen....otherwise s2... moreThanks