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Samsung Galaxy Note10

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  • Anonymous

I wanted to buy a Note 10 (base model) but after the specs i've seen and the price i will buy or a S10, S10e, Note 9, A6+ or S8.

Non-removable Li-Ion 3500 mAh battery is not a good idea even with 6.3 LCD
and the price is an expensive
if i decide to buy it i will add 150 Euro and get Galaxy note 10+

  • Prince Goo

Best looking phone with practically zero bezel...and 256 GB is great. Speakers are very good too. But still bigger than my S10, and i have no usage of S-pen. So will wait for S11, if needs be.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2019s10/10+ beats this crap... and is cheaperWhat are you talking about? speak in full sentences if you want to tell something...

vasile.marius1996, 18 Aug 2019I have Notes 9, usb type c weakened from the first month,Now I c... moreSorry! I can move the cable of usb up and down

I have Notes 9, usb type c weakened from the first month,Now I can move it up and down,
There were differences in the color of the screen,
The fingerprint sensor has deteriorated since the second week,Now it's full of small scratches

  • Anonymous

s10/10+ beats this crap... and is cheaper

  • an idol

Note9 User, 17 Aug 2019Okay, regarding point 1 safety issue, I've seen a total of 4 of ... moredepends on my daily situation.. im working person and stay (rent) a house together with my friends.. they are the type of who uses any charger they see regardless who own the charger.. most of the time i couldnt use my own charger so i have to use whatever charger available.. i also dont know their chargers are original or fake.. im tired of telling them not to use my charger everyday but they dont listen.. sometimes i hide my charger but i couldnt hide it forever.. haha

  • Anonymous

No 3.5mm? I will stick with my Note 8, bye...

  • Nalmarqab

I really loved this note (note10) because of its size.
All the specs I am ok with except the micro-sd option, which is really unustified at all.

I really could understand why did they remove the micro-sd support from this device, since the note10+ is having higher specs anyway and people who want it will buy it.
Just by removing the micro-sd from the note10 you leave no option for customers to choose. Which is a bad strategy.

Or at least they could've introduce two options of internal memories 256 and 512 for the note10.

I hope Samsung is hearing our voices.

  • Note9 User

an idol, 11 Aug 2019I am getting this phone 3 month later (end of october) as a birt... moreOkay, regarding point 1 safety issue, I've seen a total of 4 of these stories, there are lack of details although it's obvious that the chargers were fake, a fire hazard & a shock hazard, but enough to be fatally electrocuted is highly unlikely, we can't say impossible because we don't know the facts or even enough details, but NEVER use fake chargers!, only use authorised chargers, ie, the one supplied with the device that meets all the safety regulations.

Maybe in a couple of these stories the devices were plugged into unprotected circuits, most likely the power supply bypassed the meter & the mains consumer board containing RCD'S/ circuit breakers (not the old fuse type) that trip out if there's any mAmp imbalance, the type that trip out when a bulb/ lamp blows.
For anyone that does still have the old fuse type consumer unit, it's a good idea to get it upgraded, in the meantime, you can buy a RCD to plug your charger into.
If you have the genuine charger & you have RCD protective then there's nothing to worry about.

Snopes did a fact check into these stories:­y-earphones/

  • al

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2019No IR blasterAfter exploring samsung promodesk today, that phone was the best choice. It feels very good in hand, feels lighter then you may expect, works perfectly and his sound was best in line. Maybe they throw tuned samples of phones to desk, and in real world it is not so good? Maybe.
I found it out, when this phone will cost under 700€.

  • Anonymous

This phone exists so you come to the obvious conclusion that the note 10+ is a better deal and spend the extra cash on that. Nice try, samsung.

  • Anonymous

phonman, 15 Aug 2019logically this is not a good buy at 950 euros cause the display ... moreA rip-off I would call it, apple invented the 1K "pay more get less" phone, people don't let samsung turn into the same.

Seriously, samsung could really become a rotten apple in the high end if YOU let them, just you see how well they behave in the low to mid ranges where the chinese phones are a threat, decent phones with no missing features or poor batteries for a decent price for the most part.

The galaxy S6, best samsung could do at the time with a 1440p screen was priced "dangerously high" at $699 as viewed by forbes when that phone came out:­/05/samsung-galaxy-s6-price/#6ef85b4f4cf5

We as comsumers need to stop the abuses (started by apple of course) by voting with our wallets.

  • phonman

logically this is not a good buy at 950 euros cause the display is only 1080 - ...

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

If you live in Europe buy the A90 since it has a snapdragon...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Aug 2019No sd card , no audio Jack, very small battery, another terri... moreNo IR blaster

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2019So called iSheep now has a true alternative to apple, they now c... morewhy u didnt create your own smartphone? just no headphone is not a big deal at all . not the end this world lol

  • Sini

j8user, 14 Aug 2019oh God just read that the Heart rate monitor is not present on t... moreHeart Rate how to read if you put the phone on Table or somewhere?

  • Anonymous

Clayaz, 13 Aug 2019Thanks Samsung now we can't make fun of apple fans any more abou... moreSo called iSheep now has a true alternative to apple, they now can get an highly expensive low resolution screen, bad battery, no SD, no 3.5mm cutie phone from Samsung!!