Samsung Galaxy Note10

Samsung Galaxy Note10

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  • Dd

No sd card?????
Seriously Samsung?? Why do u follow iphone.
Android is all about sd card..

  • Anonymous

No SDCARD, No Jack, still that stupid Curved Edge-Edge screen..... And overpriced....... No thanks..... Sticking to my tried and true Note 4.

Maisonier, 08 Aug 2019Reasons you shouldn't buy this phone: 1. No headphone jack. 2.... moreThanks, no vr compatibility is big no for me. And headphones jack

aknsreddy, 09 Aug 2019You wakeup with Bluetooth, many preferring no radiation wakeup. ... moreInteresting point of view, radiation, before I don't thinking that. Thanks. If I can minimizing I will do that. Holy 3,5 inc Jack

  • Anonymous

Is also available in Aura Red and Pepto Pink.

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019Why because no SD card and no headphone jack?!. Wake up this the... moreYou wakeup with Bluetooth, many preferring no radiation wakeup. What people loose mind because 2019?! Lol

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019I would take note 10 any day over Xiamio crap.I thought the same, but stupidity giving less asking more theory makes Xiaomi valuable than any crap sheep buys

Maisonier, 08 Aug 2019Reasons you shouldn't buy this phone: 1. No headphone jack. 2.... moreAbsolutely. Many Chinese phones win love from now on..

Maisonier, 08 Aug 2019Reasons you shouldn't buy this phone: 1. No headphone jack. 2.... moreBattery and removal of jack. What a master stroke, you will sell millions less me Samsung flagship is over

  • LeeHarvey

Few years ago, Note series considered as large phone, now it is a normal size phones, lol

  • Ninu

Its have an older note and wait for note 10 all this time, skipping s9+,note 9,s10+, thinking that you want a big upgrade,so you keep using your old note saying that its ok,i waited all this time so i can wait for august 2019 when the new and mighty note 10 is launched.i cant possibly be let down by the note 10.its the poweruser has everything and will be a big upgrade in every category.

Aaaaand samsung decides to troll you.

I mean they remove the headphone jack firt time ever

  • m.darwich

Aadrian, 08 Aug 2019A couple of things I use very often, the heart rate sensor and t... moreThey are just following the greed of apple
they removed these features to have a higher profit
Samsung fanboys are still gonna buy it even if it's shit
even it costs them less than note 9

A couple of things I use very often, the heart rate sensor and the 3,5mm headphone jack are both missing on the Note10. So I keep my Note8. They say they remove the headphone jack to put in a larger battery. If they can include a complete stylus, there's room for a headphone jack too. The S10 and S10+ both came with the heart rate sensor, so why not include it in the Note series, that is supposed to be superior in every way? I have a very difficult time recommending the 2019 Note series over the (cheaper) 2019 S series, were it not that I use the S-pen so often and hardly can without it. My hopes are on the Note11.

  • Maisonier

Reasons you shouldn't buy this phone:
1. No headphone jack.
2. No microsd.
3. Less resolution than the Note 4.
4. No notification led.
5. No Gear VR compatibility.
6. No heart rate sensor.
7. Lower battery (3500mah) than Note 9 (4000mah).
8. Not a single innovation. Even Oneplus presented a smartphone with 90hz amoled display.

Meanwhile Asus Rog Phone II includes:
2 headphones jack, 2 usb input, 6,000 mah battery, 120 hz oled display ... so, there are no excuses. This may be the worst release of a samsung smartphone.

No headphone jack. On that plane journey, they tell people bluetooth headsets are not allowed as phones have to be in 'flight mode'.

Bluetooth headsets require charging. More things to worry about....

Non-removable batteries. Nice way to destroy re-sale value of old phones.

Out of Control, 08 Aug 2019You're talking nonsense. You get more storage, most won't even n... moreBluetooth earbuds deliver subpar sound quality compared to wired (3.5mm jack)... Imaging buying a thousand dollar phone only to get a subpar sound quality or decent quality (type c) at the expense of charging...

  • Komer

No headphone jack and no SD card = FAIL .... in my book. But, people are going to buy this. Target customer for this device has enough money to buy expensive Bluetooth buds. He doesn't care about sub-par sound quality. He also uses streaming services and cloud storage so no SD card needed. ... The main focus here is build quality and productivity. And Samsung maybe nailed that. And of course - great camera. Everyone loves great camera! (I prefer great sound over camera, but I'm minority) .... I hope customers would punish Samsung for ditching jack and card, but that probably won't happen. If Apple can pull off some nasty garbage, so can Samsung :/

This is a shockingly bad model from Samsung.

Basically, its a placeholder up sell unit for the public to look at and then say, "Oh, OK, well I guess I should spend the extra 150 and get the Note 10 + then because this one has no SD card, headphone jack or above 1080p high resolution display".

Look, im a big fan of the Note range as I had the original Galaxy Note and I loved it but aint no way in hell am I about to pony up a Gr££d plus for this thing.

If they do not stop following Apple down this rabbit hole, they are going to get a real nasty shock in the not so distant future.
It goes without saying I am very disappointed with Samsungs lack of vision.

  • Brom

Would you rather buy this or S10+?

Disappointing. NO headphone jack. No SD card. NOPE!