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Samsung Galaxy Note10

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  • Anonymous

Why no sd card
A big mistake by samsung

So this is a model for those who either lack some money for Note series phone, but want to have the S-pen or for those who prefer smaller phone.

Irony is that Note10+ costs just around 10-15% more, so it's arguably better buy.

New S-pen funcionality and also things made possible by cooperating with Microsoft are awesome.

But this is Basically S10 with an S-pen and a tad bit faster/more efficcient chipset.

However, the S10 still has the headphone jack, heart rate sensor and SpO... also an SD slot...

  • chows

can the ultrawide angle camera shoot in 4k60fps? Cuz the samsung s10's ultrawide angle camera can't.

  • Lee

I would purchase my first Samsung smartphone@Note 10!I am coming...

  • Note Fan until 10

this is the end of note series for me... it was started with the note 3 but now Samsung killed it with this featureless device. no headphone jack i can manage somehow but no micro SD card with powerful camera is Big NO NO. the Note 10+ is too big to be used

  • kuba

no microsd no 3.5mm jack LOL. and so many years passed samsung still no gestures control matching apple or even chinese manufacturers.

  • Ramkumar

Front cam aperture bad. Atleast it should be 2.0...and battery also bad

  • John

AnonD-874772, 07 Aug 2019950 dollars for a 1080p display. Samsung should have done b... moreCould have made it an 8k or 4k screen aka Sony xperia x1

  • jstone

v, 07 Aug 2019if you are using s9 plus or note 9 dont upgrade to note 10 ... moreI personally use my s9+ in 1080p mode all the time, however the extremely low pixel density is kind of a letdown (considering the s4 had a higher ppi)

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019This model can basically throw into the trash.True. This phone is going backwards. No big battery no head phone jack. Finally I never buy notes ever. They are out of my desired list.

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2019Note 10 has less battery than note 9 no headphone jack no s... moreYou're talking nonsense. You get more storage, most won't even need the SD card slot, and it's not as fast as internal storage anyway. You get more RAM than last year, a better SoC than last year, more and better cameras, more software features and a better form factor. The removal of the headphone jack is so overblown, it's just embarrassing to see all the moaning. Proper Note users don't care about listening to music over wired headphones, they can afford Bluetooth. The only downgrade is the display to 1080p, but Samsung set their phones to that anyway, and many people keep it on that setting. The A50 has a larger display and looks amazing even at 1080p, so it doesn't matter. The people moaning probably never buy the Note anyway.

  • Xvestor

yesss as ex user note 9 i was glad i pick xperia 1 for upgrade..

by the way the desain note 10 is good IF the notch disappear

  • Anonymous

This model can basically throw into the trash.

1080p resolution.... lol! My old Galaxy Note 4 even got 1440p resolution.

metro, 07 Aug 2019Why no microsd slot!!!It has 256gb as a base, what more could you want? Its already plenty to store many pics and vids, unless you want to store your (lenny face) collection in your sd card.

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2019Note 10 has less battery than note 9 no headphone jack no s... moreAgree, that's why I will skip the Note 10 or Note 10+ and keep the Note8 for the 3rd year.

  • Anonymous

It's time for other android smartphones to hide.

Dishonored, 07 Aug 2019Design : not Bad Battery with thèse size screen 350... moreHow about black shark 2 pro?

  • Connor

Aside from the camera's, CPU, and charging, this is almost a pure downgrade to the Note 9.

  • Anonymous

v, 07 Aug 2019if you are using s9 plus or note 9 dont upgrade to note 10 ... moreHahaha